Nevada Puts 2020 Dems On Notice And Fires Off Warning Shot They Can’t Ignore

Warning shot: Nevada-based union tells 2020 Dems to ‘leave our private healthcare plans alone’

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) The 2020 Democratic presidential field is narrowing, but nearly to a candidate they all are advocating for some form of government-controlled healthcare and an abolition of private insurance plans.

Call it Obamacare on steroids, even as Obamacare faces an uncertain future in federal courts.

Led by Sens. Bernie “Commie” Sanders and Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren, leading Democratic contenders are pushing some form of “Medicare-for-All,” multi-trillion dollar schemes that would give Uncle Sam full control over all healthcare administration, payment, services, etc.

That comes as a shot to something more than 153 million Americans who get their health insurance from private employer plans — and they are plans they both like and want to keep.

A December-updated story published by notes:

According to recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), about 156,199,800 Americans, or around 49 percent of the country’s total population, receive employer-sponsored health insurance (also called group health insurance).

These are good plans offered as perks and benefits by employers who are increasingly competing for quality employees in President Donald Trump’s ‘full employment’ economy. What’s more, they are plans that most employees like.

A February 2018 report published by Healthpayer Intelligence noted that nearly three-quarters of employees are satisfied with their employer-provided plans:

Over 70 percent of employees are generally satisfied with their employer-sponsored health plans, but are concerned with rising health plan costs, an AHIP study found.

Employer sponsored health plans have provided fair premium and deductible financing amounts for employees, according to the survey.

Fifty-two percent of employees said their individual deductible amount was reasonable, while the same number said their premiums were set at reasonable rates. Employees in larger companies with 100 or more workers found their premium and deductible amounts slightly more acceptable than employees in smaller firms.

Seventy-five percent of employees said they feel employer health plans will protect them for the majority of medical costs. Only 13 percent of Americans believe that enrolling in an employee health plan would be a downgrade in coverage from another health plan.

The major drivers of employee satisfaction with health plans include comprehensive coverage, health plan affordability, provider choice, plan consistency with benefits/providers, and free preventive care.

But again — do you know who’s not listening to the vast majority of Americans with employer-provided health plans? Democrats running for the 2020 election, who believe that ‘government’ can do a better job of providing coverage, even after they told us that Obamacare would “fix everything.”

One Democratic constituency is sending a message loud and clear to the 2020 Democrat presidential field: ‘Keep your hands off our private health insurance.’

As Fox News reports:

With the Nevada caucuses just under two months away, presidential candidates have been making a final push in the Silver State to court one of the most sought-after voter bases – union workers.

The Culinary Workers Union, one of Nevada’s most influential organizations, along with its parent union, Unite Here, has been hosting the top-tier Democrats over the past month to make their sales pitches to union members, some of whom said they’re afraid their hard-fought health care plans could be in jeopardy under a policy similar to “Medicare-for-all.”

“We know every family needs to have health care, but at the same time the Culinary Union members say, you know, they have the best health care in Nevada,” Geoconda Argüello-Kline, the secretary-treasurer for the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, told Fox News. “People, they are willing to sacrifice everything to protect health care.”

The main concern among union members has stemmed from “Medicare-for-all” policies proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., which would eliminate private insurance plans for Americans, including the Culinary Health Fund that union workers spent years fighting to establish.

“I think they want to keep their standard of health care, which is basically employer-paid and covered and limited exclusions, and I think that’s because they’ve worked so hard to get it over decades,” Ruben Garcia, a law professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, told Fox News.

“They’ve fought for it at the bargaining table. They have engaged in long strikes for it. And so… the standard is what I think is important to them, and I think they are very concerned about making sure that they maintain that same standard.”

With the high number of American workers who have and are satisfied with private employer-provided health plans, no doubt there are tens of millions more voices trying to tell 2020 Dems to lay off their healthcare.

Will they listen?

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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