Watch As Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Blows the Lid Off Obama’s FBI to Expose the “Coup”

OPINION by Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell spoke with Elizabeth MacDonald of Fox Business about new documents revealing more major abuses of power by the FBI and bad actors in the Obama administration.

Powell also gives a great interview in another video below with Eagle Countdown, where she’s asked numerous questions about the Flynn case and the attempted “coup” against President Trump.

Powell also spoke to Lou Dobbs (see video below) yesterday about the Flynn case and how the more documents are released, the more dirt comes out.

Sidney Powell gave stunning information to Mark Levin yesterday and went into detail about the new information she has about how Obama was involved in the “coup” and the plot to get General Flynn. Powell really goes after FBI Director Wray calling him out for not doing his job.

“They knew they were playing with Flynn’s life.”

“This was a top-down effort to get General Flynn and President Trump.” – Elizabeth MacDonald

Watch the interview below from yesterday, where Sidney Powell takes questions on the FBI and the Obama administration’s corruption.

The 8:40 point is where Sidney Powell describes the corruption as a “coup” against Trump. Also, at the 18:50 point, Powell says she has “several reasons” to certainly think they are being investigated”…Powell then says there is not enough time to finish the Durham investigation before the election. Why has the investigation taken over two years to conclude?

And last but not least:

Future FBI Director?

She definitely knows what’s going on.

Why is FBI Director Wray still in charge? Kick him to the curb!

This corruption needs to end NOW!

Arrests, convictions and IMPRISONMENT!!!

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