Rush Limbaugh Made Bold Prediction And It Came True In Iowa

As Limbaugh predicted, Iowa caucus ‘disaster’ likely part of Democrats’ ongoing efforts to destroy faith in ‘democracy’

Using actions, propaganda, and alleged incompetency, Democrats are moving us towards authoritarianism…

By Jon Dougherty

Most of the ‘establishment’ British media shares the same ideological detestation of conservatives and President Trump, so anytime there is criticism of Democrats and the Left, it’s noteworthy.

In a scathing piece that dissected the epic caucus failure earlier this week of the Iowa Democratic Party (and, by default, the national party as well), Nathan Robinson of The Guardian blasted the Garbage Party for giving Americans yet another reason to ‘distrust democracy.’

It was more than just the failure of a voting app, however. We learned as days passed and there was still no declared winner that the app was tied to a tech firm launched by vets of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We learned that Pete Buttigieg used the same firm for some campaign work last year (and he now appears to have won the Iowa caucus). And we learned — again — that Democrats, quite probably, are simply incapable of running anything.

Robinson wrote:

As of Thursday morning, we still can’t say for certain who won the Iowa caucuses. The New York Times reported today that even now that nearly all the results are in, they are “riddled with inconsistencies and errors”. The tallies don’t add up, the delegate numbers are wrong, and there are mismatches between the numbers reported by the state and those reported by local precincts. Results were released that showed implausible windfalls for Deval Patrick and Tom Steyer, and had to quickly be retracted. Now, DNC head Tom Perez has called for all of the results to be reexamined, which will further delay the final total. (Notably, Perez stepped in just as the last unreleased results threatened to put Sanders over the top.)

It has been a shameful farce. …

Whoever pulls ahead in the final count, it was a serious defeat for democracy. The caucuses occur in public, so at the end of the day we’ll probably get a count we can trust, but the Iowa Democratic party seems to have done everything possible to make people lose confidence in the results’ reliability. First, by deploying an untested app with no transparency, they opened up suspicion about manipulation. Second, by keeping the results they had under wraps, without giving any explanation or timeline, they made themselves look like they were sitting on results because they didn’t like the outcome. Third, by releasing results that contained obvious errors (which tended to go against Bernie Sanders), and delaying a bunch of results that pulled Sanders closer to Buttigieg, they looked conspiratorial. The arcane delegate math didn’t help: as cable news election experts tried to explain how more votes for Sanders turns into more delegates for Buttigieg, they made American elections look absurd.

The result of all this was that whoever the victor was got denied their election night glory, and the story of frontrunner Joe Biden’s total wipeout got lost in the muddle. But even worse, people who had invested themselves in this election were made to feel powerless. With its lack of transparency or communication, the Iowa Democratic party seemed to be treating them with total contempt.

It was as if they were saying: “You thought you had a democracy? Hah. Sorry, but the party is in charge, not you.” It was a depressing feeling of losing control, of feeling like unknown people in back rooms are the ones who get to determine what happens. 

It’s hard to argue with any part of that analysis. But then again, Democrats have been doing all they can to wreck Americans’ faith in our democratic institutions for some time now.

Between the politicization of the FBI, Justice Department, and intelligence community, to opposing voter ID laws, to disputing voter fraud, to making it easier for non-citizens to vote, to attacking the Electoral College, to launching the National Popular Vote Compact — Democrats have done much to undermine confidence in election results.

And that, some have argued, is the point.

The great political analyst Rush Limbaugh was one of the first to proffer the theory that the Democrat Left, through their actions, propaganda, and alleged incompetency, is pushing for the day when elections are a thing of the past and they, not the people, get to decide the winners and losers.

Limbaugh noted August 9, 2018:

A couple of weeks ago, and it might be three weeks ago now, I shocked many people in this audience unintentionally by predicting that at some point down the road the left is gonna figure out that the number one thing standing in their way to them acquiring perpetual power, which they think they are entitled to, the one thing standing in the way, they will conclude, is elections.

And it will be not long from now… Not next election and not 2020. It’s not gonna happen overnight. But it’s gonna happen. The left is going to start… In fact, they already have. I think part of what’s going on with this never-ending allegation that the Russians are tampering in every election is the baby steps that are being taken to establish a foundation upon which to build the belief that our elections are forever corrupt. … 

Because the Russians have become so easily involved, they’re so easily able to meddle. I mean, every election we have… The election in Ohio 12. The left is already saying that the Russians are involved. Bill Nelson, senator from Florida, is saying he just found out that the Russians have already tampered with the Florida election this November. Bill Nelson, our sitting senator, says he has got evidence the Russians have already gotten in there and did what they want to do. They’ve set the table for them to do what they want to do. …

Even though the Department of Justice has said as a result of the Mueller investigation, to this point they have no evidence that one vote was changed or that the outcome of any election was altered by virtue of whatever the Russians did, it doesn’t matter. The media and the Democrat Party has convinced an increasing number of Americans that the elections in 2016 and the elections of this year and ongoing in the future are now corrupt.

As I say, that’s building the foundation for getting rid of them. Now, the Democrats are gonna eventually win elections, and they’ll dial back a little bit. But they’re not gonna shelve this idea.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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