Lindsey Graham Scorches ‘Crazy Nancy,’ Predicts She Will Lose Her Job

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham has nailed Speaker of The House Rep. Nancy Pelosi with some facts and a prediction.

And judging by what the senator and the prediction he made, the California representative is not going to like either of them.

“”What is unavoidable is she will lose her job if she doesn’t embrace impeachment, because the people she is in charge of have lost their mind.”

“A cover-up? Remember Bob Mueller? Remember that guy? The guy everybody trusted. He will be fair to the country, he’ll be fair to the president.”

“You’ve got 400-something pages. Cover-up? Trump gave 1.4 million documents to the special counsel. His attorney, White House counsel, testified for 30 hours.”

“His Chief of Staff went to testify in front of Mueller and he had — he answered written interrogatories. What did Donald Trump cover-up regarding Mueller? Nothing.”

“Now, if he’s fighting back against a bunch of crazy people trying to destroy his life, that is not covering anything up.”

“The House Judiciary Committee is trying to retry the Mueller case. Mueller to me was the final word. They actually want to go through everything and do it all over again to get a different outcome.”

“You’re not covering anything up when you’re fighting a bunch of politicians trying to destroy you and your family.”

“When it came time to cooperate with an independent, man of the law, President Trump never claimed executive privilege.”

“Here is what I would say is being covered up: The division in the Democratic Party. When she said there is no division in the House, either she is delusional or she is misleading us.”

“80%. according to Colonel Sanders, the congressman from Tennessee who ate the chicken, said that 80% of the Judiciary Committee is already ready to impeach President Trump as Democrats. The energy in their party is for impeachment,” he said.

This article appeared on The Federaist Papers and was republished with permission.


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