After Trump Orders “SpyGate” Documents Declassified, We Now Know What We Are About To See

Now that Trump has ordered ‘Spygate’ docs declassified, here’s what we can expect to see

By JonDougherty

After months and months of delays, POTUS Donald Trump on Thursday finally instructed the federal law enforcement and intelligence community to turn over all documents requested by Attorney General William Barr for declassification as they relate to “Spygate,” the biggest political scandal in American history committed by one of the most corrupt administrations (the Obama regime) in our history.

While Barr has also been instructed by the president to ensure that classified information legitimately harmful to national security or to innocent parties remain hidden, Americans should expect a tsunami of information to be divulged in the coming weeks and months — enough to carry POTUS Trump well into his 2020 reelection campaign.

Already Democrats are running for the nearest friendly establishment media types to claim that Trump is once again out of control, harming our intelligence services, covering up stuff, and generally destroying what was left of our republic.

In other words, they are claiming Trump is doing things that theyhave done and the Obama deep state did to the president, which is par for the course for Democrats. If you ever want to know what they are trying to hide or what they are guilty of, just wait and they’ll blame Republicans for it.

In any event, here is a smattering of things we can expect to be cleared up as more and more documents are released:

— Investigative ace reporter Sara A. Carter writes on her site that we should all pay attention to who was ‘unmasked’ by the Obama regime on their way out the door, noting that Americans will likely be surprised by many of the hundreds of names:

As President Trump ordered the intelligence community and others to fully cooperate with DOJ Attorney General William Barr in his investigation into the FBI’s probe of the 2016 presidential election, a key piece of evidence may reside in the early unmasking of Americans private communications, according to Sara Carter.

Carter noted former UN Ambassador Samantha Power who unmasked nearly 300 people. These names will surprise Americans if they were to be made public, according to Carter.

Additionally, Carter said exculpatory evidence related to Trump campaign advisors Carter Page and George Papadopoulos will come to the surface.

— When did Spygate actually start, and why? Yes, it was to undermine POTUS Trump, but where there alternative reasons and objectives? If so, what were they?

— What additional intelligence agencies from which countries were involved? (Food for thought: Did the timing of POTUS Trump’s announcement to declassify have anything at all to do with British Prime Minister Teresa May’s decision to call it quits about the same time? Rumors have long swirled that Her Majesty’s Secret Service was involved in Spygate…)

— All of the details related to the Steele dossier, which was never really “intelligence” and was always a political document paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, will be revealed;

— Who else besides those names we already know — George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Michael Flynn — did Barack Obama, James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan put under surveillance?

— What, exactly, was involved in the “insurance policy” that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texted about?

— How involved was Barack Obama? Did he order anything specific, and if so, what? How often was he kept in the loop? What international assets did he muster for this effort? What were his specific instructions, if any?

— Was former AG Loretta Lynch kept in the loop as well?

— Did Lynch or Obama have any communications at all with the Clinton campaign throughout the 2016 campaign cycle regarding Spygate and its intent to thwart POTUS Trump?

— What else did Christopher Steele do for Obama & Co.? For Hillary?

— How involved in Spygate was Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned the dossier? What role did Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson play? How involved was he? Did he break any laws? Leak any information?

— Were there any congressional Democrats involved in this scandal? If so, who are they and what roles did they play? Did they leak any classified information? Did they break any other laws in the process of helping to facilitate the scandal?

— What media figures were involved and to what extent? Did theybreak any laws in terms of handling and receiving classified information? Did they play a role in perpetuating the narrative? If so, what was their role?

— Did anyone lie to Congress about Spygate? Who? What did they lie about? Are they going to be charged?

— Was the FISA court actually defrauded, and if so, by whom?

And perhaps most importantly: What steps are going to be taken against the guilty? Because no amount of new legislation will be nearly as effective at dissuading this kind of behavior in the future than lengthy jail sentences and very expensive fines.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

God Bless.

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