BREAKING: Trump Just Secured The Votes He Needs To Secure SCOTUS Nomination… Liberals Are DONE

By Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

It was already looking like Senate Democrats were spitting in the wind in their attempt to block what would be President Trump’s third Supreme Court appointment, but Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski has sealed the deal.

Shortly after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hit the airwaves, the ‘moderate’ Murkowski announced she wouldn’t support a successor to the newly vacated seat before the November election.

But she must have read the political tea leaves — which likely told her that supporting a replacement was a hit with the folks back home — because she’s changed her mind now.

Townhall has more details:

Total victory is upon us, folks. And some Republicans have managed to get on a path towards redemption with conservatives. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said he wouldn’t block the nominee. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is a ‘no,’ but as we’ve said before—Maine is an oddball state. She gets a pass. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), a runner up in the biggest pain in the a** contest among the GOP, did initially say that she’s opposed to filling the Supreme Court vacancy left by Ruth Bade Ginsburg, but is now changing her tune. The last justice passed away last Friday making the 2020 election even more interesting. And now, Murkowski is changing her tune…

Alaska Public Media adds:

If Democrats were counting on Lisa Murkowski to vote against President Trump’s next nominee to the Supreme Court, they should think again.

Sen. Murkowski said Tuesday she could not rule out that she would vote to confirm a Trump nominee if the Judiciary Committee approves one before the November election.

‘I know everybody wants to ask the question, ‘will you confirm the nominee?” she said outside the Capitol, as her Republican colleagues were gathering for their weekly policy lunch. ‘We don’t have a nominee yet. You and I don’t know who that is. And so I can’t confirm whether or not I can confirm a nominee when I don’t know who the nominee is.’

Sen. Mitt Romney took a similar position Tuesday, so it looks nearly impossible for Democrats to block Trump from seating his third Supreme Court justice.

One other possibility: Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin from the red state of West Virginia could also vote to confirm if the tea leaves in his state tell him to do so. He voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and that fight — as bad as it was — will look tame compared to what’s coming for whomever the president nominates.

But if he/she can weather the storm, the high court will become decidedly more constitutional in nature, which was always the founders’ vision.


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