The New York Times Report Is Terrible News For Biden: More than 60 Percent of Latinos Reject Democrat/Progressives’ Identity Politics Says Breitbart News [Opinion]

[Opinion] The Democrats’ plan to Balkanize the American people is not going quite as well as they had hoped. At least when it comes to the ‘Latino’ community. Earlier this month, the least self aware person on Earth, Joe Biden, held an event in Florida aimed at garnering support from Hispanic Americans.

The event made national headlines. Not for its success, but for this hilarious Biden ‘gaff.’ Hispanic and Senior Trump Advisor, Steve Cortez, tweeted out a video of the uncomfortable incident:

The internet went mad once they found out that part of the lyrics to the Spanish language song includes a verse that translates to ‘I want to breathe your neck slowly.’

The Hodge Twin’s take on Biden’s absurd move was hilarious:

Unfortunately for Mr. Biden, most Americans are not falling for his sad pandering based on racial identity. According to Breitbart ‘only about 25 percent of Latinos identify with Joe Biden’s progressive identity politics, while more than 60 percent of Latinos favor Donald Trump’s populist, pro-American pitch, according to a September 18 report in the New York Times.

The study asked voters and focus group for their views on “a dog-whistle message lifted from Republican talking points … [about] ‘illegal immigration from places overrun with drugs and criminal gangs’ and called for ‘fully funding the police, so our communities are not threatened by people who refuse to follow our laws,’” the authors wrote in their September 18 op-ed.

The shocked authors reported, “Almost three out of five white respondents judged the message convincing. More surprising, exactly the same percentage of African-Americans agreed, as did an even higher percentage of Latinos.”

The political problem for Biden’s progressive allies is that only about 25 percent of Latinos identify themselves as a progressive-style “people of color” identity group, the authors said. The majority of Latinos “rejected this designation [because] they preferred to see Hispanics as a group integrating into the American mainstream, one not overly bound by racial constraints but instead able to get ahead through hard work.”

The authors urged Biden to combine a unifying pitch with an economic message, saying:

Democrats should call for Americans to unite against the strategic racism of powerful elites who stoke division and then run the country for their own benefit. This is not to deny the reality of pervasive societal racism. But it does direct attention away from whites in general and toward the powerful elites who benefit from divide-and-conquer politics.’

The reality is that more than one study has shown that Latinos tell pollers that, while they favor immigration, however, they strongly prefer border security, oppose welfare for migrants and think employers should hire Americans before importing foreign labor. Back in April, Breitbart News reported:

A Washington Post poll shows that Hispanics are the strongest advocates for a near-total halt to legal immigration during the coronavirus epidemic and economic crash.

Sixty-nine percent of Hispanics said yes when they were asked, “Would you support … temporarily blocking nearly all immigration into the United States during the coronavirus outbreak?” Just 30 percent of Hispanics oppose the shutdown.

In contrast, 67 percent of whites backed the shutdown, partly because 45 percent of “liberals” opposed the policy.

What the elites are missing is the fact that the Hispanic community in this country came here for a reason. Just like most legal immigrants, they love America and everything it stands for. They also share the same values as most patriotic Americans. While Joe seems to think that the illegal border crosser is the bulk of the Latino community in the States, Trump knows that most Hispanics love this country, respect the law, have strong families and amazing work ethics. All of which are the foundation of conservatism.

I would not be surprised to see Trump collect a huge share of the ‘Latino’ vote in 2020. Remember, many of these people fled the tyranny which the Democrat are trying to install here. I expect them to refuse to allow the last hope for humanity, America, fall to the same policies that failed their homelands.

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