President Trump MUST Fill The Vacancy On The Supreme Court Immediately Because Dems Are Planning On Taking Election To The Supreme Court 4-4 Will Result In Crisis [Opinion]

[Opinion] President Trump has made many promises to the ‘forgotten men and women’ who were left behind, many times by decisions handed down from the country’s highest court. He’s managed to keep a surprisingly high percentage of those promises.

With the passing of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the president has an opportunity to fulfill, what was perhaps, the most significant promise he made during his campaign… to change the ideological direction of the court for a generation or more.

Does anyone think for a second that a Democrat president with a Democrat Senate wouldn’t ramrod their candidate through?

Bottom line, any significant shifts in policy that Democrats achieve have been the result of judicial activism. They simply cannot achieve those gains through legislative action where the Constitution’s Framers intended that power to lie.

The reason is simple; the people can use elections to remove legislators who overstep the peoples’ will, whereas Supreme Court justices are immune to voter review.

This is why Democrat Senators disgraced themselves trying to block Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation with gross and unsubstantiated claims. They were intent on destroying a good man and accomplished jurist simply because he threatened their grip on power.

Following the announcement last night that Justice Ginsburg had passed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear that he was committed to moving President Trump’s nominee, if one was forthcoming, to a vote on the floor of the Senate.

This morning, President Trump confirmed that he would be submitting a candidate while reminding Republican Senators that they had an obligation to the American people…

There are many sound reasons for conservatives to embrace the president’s call for bold and decisive action in the 44 days remaining until the election.

Not the least of which stems from Democrats main-in balloting scheme that promises to create post-election chaos on a level never before imagined.

With Biden reportedly having more than 600 lawfare attorneys on standby to force the decision on who won the election to the courts… there are the courts again… Trump (and the Americans who are counting on him) need another originalist on the court of last resort.

Arguments to the contrary are little more than partisan posturing and vacant historical precedent…

As to the argument that 44 days isn’t enough time for the Senate to properly vet a candidate…

Complaints that no Supreme Court nomination should be made during a presidential election years… Well, no presidential impeachment should have been advanced during an election year, either.

Impeachment was all about the exercise of raw political power. We finally have a Republican president with the spine to exercise his Constitutional power… Welcome to the party, boys and girls.

Buckle up. If you think the hissy fit Dems have been throwing in burning down our cities has been atrocious… well, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Donald Trump has spent his adult years preparing for this fight, no one should expect him to back away from this moment.

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