Watch As Armed Oregon Woman Finds Potential Arsonist On Her Property… Holds Him At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

OPINION by Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

A wildfire in Oregon has burned more than 1,300 square miles as officials announced last that a person has been arrested in connection with the blaze.

A badass Oregon woman, who was driving on her property when she found a man walking on the side of the road with matches, began her own arson investigation.

What happened in the video below is nothing short of awesome!

The Oregon woman pulls over and throws her vehicle into park, “Get on the floor!” she shouts, pointing her gun at him as the shirtless man lies down.

“Get on the floor—face down!”

“What are you doing on my property?” she asked.

“Just passing through, I didn’t know it was your property,” he responded.

“Did you light anything on fire?” she asks?

“No, ma’am” the frightened man replies laying prostrate on the ground.

“What are you doing with those matches in your hand?” she asks.

“I smoke,” he responded

“You smoke?” she asks. “Where are your f**king cigarettes?”

“He’s got matches in his hand, she tells someone nearby. Make sure you snap pictures of him,” she says as she asks him where he came from and if he’s been up to her house.

“What are you doing with the matches?” she asks again?

“I was smoking a cigarette on the highway,” he responds.

She snaps back, “You were smoking a cigarette and that’s why you only have matches in your hand?”


(I’ll stick another source of the footage in case the leftist media giants remove the footage for whatever reason. They do that sort of thing, you know.)

Woman in Oregon caught someone on her property with matches and held him until police showed up.

The video came after weeks of devastating wildfires have raged up and down the West Coast. In Oregon, looters and thieves have compounded the tragedy as residents try to evacuate from active fire fronts and law enforcement staffing is already on short supply, FOX News reports.

Wildfires raging across the state have burned more than 1,300 square miles. At least eight people have been killed.

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