BREAKING UPDATE: Radical Democrat “Liberals” To Hold “Siege Of The White House” Starting Tomorrow And It’s Time For Secret Service To Take Action


OPINION – You may recall that it was Adbusters that was behind the 2011 Occupy movement in NYC.

Lacking any form of centralized control, the protests went by a variety of names, “Occupy Wall Street,” “American Autumn,” “The 99 Percent.” The one commonality was they derived their impetus from a disillusioned Canadian adman.

Adbusters is an anti-consumerism magazine based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In the summer of 2011, it proposed the “occupation” of Wall Street, and the idea caught fire.

According to an October 20, 2011 article in NPR, Adbusters never claimed any control over the protests seeing itself “more as an idea shop, sort of an “anti-advertising firm” that takes special glee in creating fake ads to subvert the message of real products.”

Adbusters is back and calling for a siege of the White House…

From Adbusters website…

“We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days. Are you ready for the revolution.”

“Fifty days — September 17th to November 3rd…we’ll inspire a global movement of systemic change — a Global Spring — a cultural heave towards a new world order.”

So who are the anarchist-Marxists that are a part of this revolution?

Nick Arama, who has been following the Occupy movement since its inception writes that with each new iteration of the “leftist movement” the same general core of anarchist-leftists move from one movement to the next.

“… if you check many BLM folks, many of them were also involved in Occupy.”

Anarchists, Marxists, arsonists, and those intent on property destruction, moving interchangeably between movements suggests what we’ve suspected for some time… duplicity is necessary to create the impression that their movements are more diverse than they actually are.

Remember… there are more of us than there are of them.

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