President Pelosi? Yes, The Possibility Is Real & HRC’s Admission Suggests It Could Be The Dem’s Plan

OPINION – Democrats railed against the Electoral College after Donald Trump became president by winning the electoral map despite the fact that Hillary Clinton garnered three million more votes than the Washington outsider.

The party of anarchists are relying on assistance from their propaganda arm in the mainstream media to defend the lunacy of 80 million mail-in ballots, something that most developed countries have banned in order to fight the vast fraud and vote buying that threatens the integrity of their elections.

We have already witnessed the chaos that results from mail-in voting where anyone and everyone who ever lived at an address is mailed a ballot and control over limiting the vote to duly registered voters becomes nearly impossible in the limited time spelled out by law.

Mail-in ballots lay the groundwork for throwing the 2020 presidential election into chaos with the result that radical leftist Nancy Pelosi might become the acting president while the arcane process of deciding the president plays out.

Joe Biden, almost exclusively hiding from the CCP virus in his basement, the poster child of coronavirus fear, the candidate that the entire mail-in voting fraud has been advanced to benefit, is so skeptical his mail-in vote would count that he voted in person, yesterday.

This should prove, beyond any doubt, that voting in person is safe.

Regardless, the doomsday scenario is already in the works, relying on a contested election where one candidate refuses to concede while his army of lawyers defend the legitimacy of 80 million mail-in ballots during a series of endless recounts and court filings.

According to election expert Hans von Spakovsky; “Already this year we’ve had an unprecedented amount of litigation filed contesting the rules set up before the election. We’ve never seen this many lawsuits filed.”

We haven’t seen nothing yet:

Fox News’ Chad Pergram laid out the scenario which would have to unfold for Pelosi to step in as acting president on January 20, 2021…

“… election and congressional officials are starting to worry about what could unfold this fall and winter if they struggle to determine whether President Trump or Joe Biden prevails in battleground states.”

“The Constitution makes Congress the ultimate arbiter to decide which candidate wins each state. Congress must approve certificates of election from all 50 states. But with a polarized electorate, a close presidential race, a pandemic and voting by mail, it’s wise to consider contingencies. And, one of those contingencies includes the speaker of the House matriculating to acting president of the United States…”

“… The Electoral Count Act dictates that states choose electors no more than 41 days after the election.

Ultimately, lawmakers certify the electoral results in a joint session of Congress. In this event, each state has a single vote regardless of that state’s usual elector allotment.

If Democrats retain control of the House, and gain control of the majority of state caucuses (26), and no candidate concedes, there is every likelihood – given that Democrats having willingly become the beneficiaries of burning the country down during the runup to this election – that they will use that power to deny the votes of the people.

If this scenario plays out, the hypocrisy of Democrats and their mainstream media allies will reach new heights. After their histrionics following the 2016 election, it will be interesting to see how they deflect from the fact that Donald Trump garnered 65 million votes and Pelosi less than 300,000 votes.

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