Washed Up Liberal Hack, Cher, Attacks President Trump And Says He’s A “Mass Murderer, The Punishment Is Death” Then Immediately Deletes It


Left-wing pop star and actress Cher declared President Donald Trump a “mass murderer” and floated death as a punishment in a now-deleted tweet, Breitbart reports.

Cher tweeted that it is “THERE’S A NAME 4 KILLING SOMEONE…ITS CALLED “MURDER”. IF YOU MURDER MORE THAN ONE PERSON YOU ARE A MASS MURDERER. THERE ARE MANY PUNISHMENTS FOR DIFFERENT DEGREES OF MURDER, BUT WHEN SOMEONE “KNOWINGLY “MURDERS PEOPLE… THE PUNISHMENT IS DEATH. Trump’s a mass murderer… hhmm” which is apparently a reference to President Trump’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the Moonstruck star has made that same connection in the past.

It would be easy to dismiss what these ignorant Hollywood say and do but the issue is that people listen and believe what they say.

More garbage from the washed up lib:


While Cher deleted the tweet, she continued her rant in another thread, asking, “why did Trump lie” and admitting that she sometimes goes “too far.” She then provided a screenshot of articles on the Treasury Department reportedly siphoning millions from a 9/11 program.  Breitbart reported

What is she even talking about? She’s clearly lost her mind.

In these insane times we find ourselves in, especially with these unprecedented attacks on American citizens that believe in our President and the President himself, it is our duty to stand up for what is right and not fear those who wish to destroy our nation.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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God Bless.

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