Elvis Presley Rolling In His Grave As Antifa And BLM Rioters Attack Graceland- Completely Trash The Place Racking Up $150 Thousand Dollars In Damage

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OPINION – Iconic Graceland and Levitt Shell were under attack Tuesday, suffering an estimated $150k plus in damages from graffiti and vandalism caused by the hypocritical ANTIFA and BLM activists. 

Messages that read “No Justice No Peace”, “BLM”, and “# STAY TUNED”, among others, were tagged at the innocent historical sites by activists who refuse to plead their case using peaceful or just methods. 

While the Presley family is mourning the recent loss of one of their own, Elvis’ grandson Ben Keough, they are also now aggrieved by the defacement of their legendary estate. An official statement regarding the vandalism has not been released yet by Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, who has owned the Graceland estate since Elvis’ death in 1977. 

This is not the first time Elvis Presley has been attacked by racial justice activists. There has been rumors of historical Elvis statues being targeted or slated to be torn down, and The King’s legendary music has been labeled in the past with claims of “cultural appropriation” for combining “the best of black music and the best of white music”.  The founder of Sun Records, Sam Phillips, has been accused of exploiting blacks for saying, “If I could find a white man who had the Negro sound and the Negro feel, I could make a billion dollars.”  It’s been said that to Sam, Elvis was the way to bridge the gap between blacks and whites.

Fast forward to 2020, in a society divided by inappropriately perceived racial bias and social injustices, Elvis is no longer viewed as a bridge. His estate, and the place where The King played his first paid gig—Levitt Shell—are now covered with graffiti intended to destroy the notable tourist sites. 

The activists who tried to destroy these places in an effort to relay their message are likely unaware of the history of these places and how Elvis bridged the racial gap, only proving their own ignorance.  

BLM Memphis chapter has released the following statement on Facebook: 

“PSA-Our organization does NOT have any involvement with any promotion of vandalism Elvis Presley’s Graceland or the Levitt Shell !  We do not condone acts of violent or hate we love Memphis. Those persons spraying paint on walls do not have any association with our chapter or charitable organization! For questions call or concerns call 901-430-0477″ (sic). 

The Memphis BLM organization has also posted a fundraiser for Levitt Shell. 

On Tuesday, the official page for Elvis Presley’s Graceland posted, “The Gates of Graceland are open, and we look forward to seeing you here in Memphis soon!” 

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