Watch BLM/Antifa ‘Protesters’ Beat Man To Near Death And One Of The Alleged Thugs Name Just Got Identified


Violence erupted in Portland late Sunday just blocks from the federal courthouse after the driver of a pickup truck crashed, was reportedly pulled from the vehicle and then brutally beaten by a mob after a confrontation with protesters.

Videos that emerged from the scene were chilling. The man identified as the driver could be seen getting punched, kicked and ordered not to leave in the middle of a city street. The man in the video, at one point, appeared dazed after the initial assault, but suffered the worst blow when he absorbed a roundhouse kick to the side of the head, Fox News reports.

Watching the video ignites a fury inside of me that demands the American people to wake up and put an end to this violence.  Clearly if you are in one of the cities that is out of control then you have to use situational awareness and critical thinking and stay away from the areas where the chaos is out of control.

Fox went on to report that, Andy Ngo, a journalist who has been covering these protests, reported that the man crashed his car and the “mob pulled him out & beat him senseless in front of the passenger. He’s bleeding & unconscious. No police.”

Another reporter posted a video that purports to show the driver earlier harassed by protesters and his female passenger assaulted. Drew Hernandez reported that the driver sped off to evade the protesters.

All over social  media we see people posting how this would never happen to them or how they would handle this far different.  Blunt truth is, the man and woman found themselves surrounded by violent thugs who wasted no time in yanking the male from the vehicle.  The man clearly was hoping that if he showed 0 aggression that the thugs would not harm him, what the man forgot is that the thugs intent was to attack him no matter what the man did.

In the next video we see what sparked the male and female to try and flee the scene which lead to them crashing which allowed the thugs to pull him from the car:

TGWP went on to explain:

‘The animal who ran up and punched the man after he had already been brutally beaten to the point of nearly losing consciousness has been identified by 4Chan users as Keese Love, whose Facebook profile lists him as a ramp agent at Portland International Airport. He also works as a DJ in the evenings.

His real name is believed to be Marquise Love.’

Love is seen wearing the same vest as he wore during the assault in his Facebook profile photo.

If you are in one of these cities where the violence is out of control, stay away from the areas where they are protesting.  Unless you have the numbers to stand against these trashy thugs, you are just another victim in the waiting.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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