Portsmouth, Va Police Drop The Hammer, Announce Multiple Arrest Warrants For Confederate Monument Vandals Including A Dem Senator, NAACP Members And School Board Member


The Portsmouth, Virginia Police Chief Angela Greene has just announced that “several individuals conspired and organized to destroy a Confederate monument, as well as summon hundreds of people to join in the felonious acts, which not only resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the monument, and ultimately, the life-threatening injury to Mr. Green”.

She said that she will make sure all laws are upheld and plans to execute a “comprehensive investigation”. They have “identified and secured arrest warrants of numerous individuals who conspired, organized, and participated in the felonious acts on June 10th.”

Let’s hope this sends a strong message to all people willing to do lawless damage to historical monuments around the nation. The police chief went on to name some of the people being arrested including a Democrat State Senator, multiple NAACP members, and a school board member.

The brave chief’s voice gently shook as the began to announce the names including a Democrat State Senator in Virginia:

“Therefore on today’s date, felony warrants, for conspiracy to commit a felony and felony injury to a monument in excess of $1,000 have been obtained for the following individuals: Senator L. Louise Lucas, NAACP Representative James Boyd, NAACP Representative Louie Gibbs, NAACP Representative, Lakeesha Hicks, School Board member, Lakisha Atkinson…,” and she went on. Full list as featured by Wavy TV 10 including many other high profile people below the video, and they are being asked to immediately turn themselves into the Portsmouth, PD.

From Wavy, TV 10:

Here’s the full list of those facing charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000:

  • State Sen. L Louise Lucas
  • James Boyd, Portsmouth NAACP representative
  • Louie Gibbs, Portsmouth NAACP representative
  • LaKesha Hicks, Portsmouth NAACP representative
  • LaKeesha S. “Klu” Atkinson, Portsmouth School Board member
  • Kimberly Wimbish
  • Dana Worthington
  • Amira Bethea

Here’s the list of individuals facing a felony charge of injury to a monument in excess of $1,000:

  • Brenda Spry, public defender
  • Alexandra Stephens, public defender
  • Meredith Kramer, public defender
  • Brandon Woodard
  • Hannah Ren Rivera
  • Raymond J Brothers

Wavy also reported:

Portsmouth officials held the briefing Monday afternoon to announce that several warrants that have been secured against individuals more than two months after an incident at the city’s Confederate monument.

Greene issued a statement, but did not take any questions, as the investigation is ongoing, city officials said.

On June 10, the Confederate monument was vandalized and broken apart by protesters, which culminated with a protester being seriously injured when part of the statue fell on him.

The police department is asking for help identifying 13 additional people. Detectives are asking that the public take a look at these photos and reach out if you recognize them. Call the Portsmouth Crime Line at 1-888-lock-u-up. You can remain anonymous.

It’s unclear if this bombshell announcement will make national news or be addressed by federal congressmen or President Trump. This is breaking news with more likely to come.

We reported on the original story of the man who got hit by the falling monument back in June:

In Portsmouth, Virginia, vandals looked on in horror as the statue that they had just helped pull down landed on a man’s head. According to a local reporter, Brett Hall, “What had a party atmosphere” ended “filled with crime tape.”

He interviewed a local Black Lives Matter “President” who said that it “fully hit” the man “in the head.” He said that you could “see his skull was actually showing, he was convulsing on the ground, and lost a great amount of blood.” He asked people to pray for the man.

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