FOX News FINALLY Covers Michelle Malkin/BLM Chaos After Denver Police Union President Apologizes For Stand Down Order


Denver police union chief Nick Rogers sounded like he was holding back tears on an interview a few days after Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin and ‘Back the Blue’ supporters were not supported by the police when a ‘Black Lives Matter’ mob accosted them viciously a few days ago.

He said: “I’m sorry on behalf of the rank and file, that’s not us, that’s not who we are, and it just kills me that we let good people down. And I’ll be honest with you, as I’ve done my due diligence I found out a couple of things. I found out that a retreat order was given by the incident commander, and we had one lieutenant step up and said “we’re not leaving”.”

He went on to say, “this lieutenant said these people are going to get killed if we don’t stay. So he kept his group there, and that’s the only reason this thing didn’t even get worse, because somebody broke ranks and decided to not retreat, and they stayed so that they could provide some assistance.” He continued on to say “I’m sorry” to Michelle and anyone who was there, and that that was not the rank and file, that it was someone else who made the decision.

The interview in full is below Malkin’s Facebook post where she called attention to the Fox News article that finally covered it. It’s to be noted that Nick Rogers says he knows who gave the stand-down order, but he is not going to say who it was. See Michelle’s post:

Finally, the national media covered it.#FoxNews

Posted by Michelle Malkin on Thursday, July 23, 2020

Michelle Malkin thanked Nick Rogers in the interview below where she goes into detail about how the ‘Black Lives Matter’ mob turned a ‘Back the Blue’ event into ‘complete anarchy’. The YouTube video was captioned:

“On the Peter Boyles show on KNUS this morning, Denver police union chief Nick Rogers apologized to Michelle and all the pro-cop attendees at the 7/19/20 pro-cop rally that was besieged by violent Antifa/BLM thugs while DPD watched. Rogers revealed that a stand-down order was indeed in place. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE INTERVIEW! Coloradans, demand accountability from Police Chief Pazen!” WATCH BELOW:

Tucker Carlson, who has enough of his own attacks from the left to deal with additionally, took to the airwaves to defend Michelle Malkin, who is a former Fox News contributor herself. “Over the weekend, left-wing terrorists, and they are, associated with Antifa, attacked a pro-police rally, ‘Back the Blue’ in Denver, Colorado. Colorado State Representative Patrick Neville, spoke at the rally, he joins us tonight” Tucker starts out.

State Rep Neville (CO-R) went on to describe how they were surrounded by Antifa, outnumbered about 4 to 1, and described how one of his friends was ‘beaten down’ by 4 to 5 Antifa members. He goes on in the clip with Carlson to describe the horrific event in more detail below. Neville also noted that the anarchy is not just in Denver but is ‘creeping into the suburbs as well’ WATCH:

Neville cited the likely stand down order as well, and has tweeted tons of support for Malkin as can be seen below:

Jeff Hunt tweeted:

“Lawlessness in CO! Shameful leadership by @GovofCO @MayorHancock. Thank you @michellemalkin @PatrickForCO @TuckerCarlson for standing up to bullies. Shocking that @KyleClark @9NEWS would treat a combat veteran, lawmaker so poorly. CO is out of control!”

Malkin also noted in the YouTube interview above that she is holding off on any future ‘Back the Blue’ events for now as she can’t afford personal security. While she is not changing her stance, it appears she is having to adjust her strategy since so many liberal cities are using, or appear to be using their police forces for their own political purposes, rather than to protect peaceful people, which is utterly, and entirely unacceptable. She tweeted out a confirmation of that stance today:

“I appreciate all the invitations to #backtheblue events nationwide. I support you. But after 25 yrs of enthusiastically organizing/participating in grassroots rallies–from original #teaparty events to #stopcommoncore to #standwithice & #defendourmonuments –I’m taking a break.” See tweet:

Writer Aaron Cummings reported on this story for Media Right News previously in part:

Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin hosted a Back The Blue event on Sunday in Denver, Colorado when it was abruptly interrupted by Antifa and BLM.

The gathering took place at the Civic Center amphitheater where the attendees were listening to music as the speakers were preparing to give speeches. Video captures where Malkin was approached on stage by masked members before being forced to leave.

The bottom line is that ‘patriots’ across the country vying for peace, law, and order, want to back the blue, but they need the blue to back them too. here’s a local news clip of some coverage of the event as well:

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