NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace BOOED At All-Star Race Qualifier, Cheered After Crash

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This past week, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was booed as he was introduced at the all-star qualifier and cheered after he crashed.

The media exploded last month after NASCAR released a statement revealing that a ‘noose’ was reportedly found in top driver Wallace’s Talladega garage stall, as previously reported by 100% FED Up. The FBI unleashed 15 agents on the case and ultimately determined that the so-called ‘noose’ was actually a garage door pull rope.

It was the first time a significant number of fans were present at a NASCAR race since the Confederate flag was banned. Several thousand fans were on hand – and so was the flag.

Fans feel duped after rallying around a crying Bubba Wallace. “Bubba Wallace was also booed when he was introduced, and many cheered when he crashed,” AP reporter Jenna Fryer said.

Wallace made an appearance on Thursday night’s episode of Showtime’s Desus & Mero talk show and defended his role in NASCAR’s efforts to ban the Confederate flag. NASCAR banned the flag on June 10, the same day Wallace drove a car supporting the Black Lives Matter movement at Martinsville, Virginia.


Bubba Wallace crashed 17 laps into the race and the crowd cheered. The hate hoaxer was a poor sport and blamed his crash on Michael McDowell.

“Just disrespect. When you get hooked the right rear into the wall – I don’t even need to see a replay,” Wallace said to Fox Sports after the race. “People say one of the nicest guys in the garage. Can’t wait for the God-fearing text he’s going to send me about preaching and praising respect. What a joke he is.”

Although NASCAR doesn’t announce the winner of the fan vote until after the All-Star Open, the last time it released the fan vote standings, Wallace was in the lead to earn a spot in the All-Star Race and have a shot at the $1 million purse. Without a drivable car, it doesn’t matter if Wallace technically had the highest tally in the fan vote because he no longer has a car to race.

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