Washington Post Claims Obama Was Actually A ‘Conservative’

(TNS) The revisionist history regarding Barack Obama’s eight-year reign of corruption began the moment the man left office in January 2017, and it continues to this day.

If the former president and his veep, Joe Biden, aren’t pushing the lie that they oversaw a “scandal-free” administration, we get sycophantic media types from the Washington Post trying to convince people that the most Left-wing president in the history of the country was really a…”conservative.”

No, really.

In Sunday’s Outlook section of the Washington Post, assistant editor David Swerdlick argues in his piece, “Barack Obama, Conservative,” that the difference between Obama’s “steady approach and the seeming radicalism of his Democratic heirs can’t just be chalked up to changing times.”

Seeming radicalism?

Mind you, Swerdlick continues, Obama wasn’t a Republican (duh) because he had no desire to shrink the federal government and he opposed the Iraq War (and, of course, he was a Democrat).

Still, “Obama never dramatically departed from the approach of presidents who came before him,” this goof argued. “There’s a simple reason: Barack Obama is a conservative.”

This isn’t satire, mind you. It’s the Washington Post, not the Babylon Bee or The Onion.

Swerdlick continues:

But his constant search for consensus, for ways to bring Blue America and Red America together, sometimes led him to policies that used Republican means to achieve more liberal ends. The underlying concept for his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, with its individual mandate, was devised by the right-wing Heritage Foundation and first implemented at the state level by Mitt Romney, then the Republican governor of Massachusetts.

Obama wanted to protect Americans from the effects of a prolonged recession, so he agreed, in one of his defining votes as a senator, to a bailout of banks — and as president, he prioritized recovery over punishing bankers for their role in the financial crisis. In his first inaugural address, he affirmed the power of the free market “to generate wealth and expand freedom.”

Barack Obama’s policies were Left of Mao Zedong and Josef Stalin. There was nothing about the man’s politics that anyone could reasonably argue were “conservative.”

He never embraced the “free market.” Obamacare was a big government solution to healthcare, not a ‘free market’ vehicle. His regulatory approach to government stifled job and economic growth and kept America reliant on foreign sources of energy.

Not ‘free-market’ stuff, and cherry-picking policies isn’t proof.

If anything, Obama was/is just as ‘out there’ as the gaggle of Castro wannabes running for the 2020 crown; he just couldn’t get those policies enacted, in large part because he lost control over the House — then the Senate — then most statehouses and legislatures — because of his abject leftism.

Gun control, government takeover of healthcare, trannies in the military, $1 trillion ‘stimulus’ package, same-sex locker rooms in public schools, DACA, you name it…all of Obama’s policies were very much not conservative.

Recall, Obama’s campaign promise to “fundamentally transform” America.

But hey, Washington Post…you be you.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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