31-Yr-Old Male Arrested For Sucker Punching 92-Yr-Old Woman Is Convicted Sex Offender With More Than 100 Prior Arrests [VIDEO]

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How safe are the streets in NYC?

Ask 92-year old Bronx native, “Geraldine” who was walking down the sidewalk when she was sucker-punched by a black man walking by her in the opposite direction.

Democrats who elected NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio may try to shrug it off as an unfortunate or isolated incident, but the reality is that after the perpetrator was caught, it was discovered that he’s had over 100 prior arrests. How many cities in America have criminals who are walking the streets that have been arrested over 100 times? What kind of people would elect a man who allows criminals to walk alone on their streets with three-open criminal cases pending against them?

NY Post reports- A career criminal with more than 100 arrests to his name was busted for cruelly shoving a 92-year-old woman into a Manhattan fire hydrant — leaving his victim too scared to walk alone in her own neighborhood.

The injured elder, a Bronx native named Geraldine, spoke to The Post on Tuesday after cops arrested convicted sex offender Rashid Brimmage, 31, and charged him with attacking her.

Watch the violent, unprovoked attack here. (***Warning***Video is graphic)

“I thought a brick hit me or something hit me on the left side of my head, and I went right down and hit my head against the hydrant,” Geraldine, who asked that her last name be withheld for safety reasons, said of the attack. “Blood was coming out, not spurting blood, but blood was dripping.”

Geraldine, who has lived in Manhattan for more than 50 years, was on her way to Duane Reade when Brimmage allegedly shoved her to the ground near Third Avenue and East 16th Street in Gramercy Park at about 3:30 p.m. Friday.

She slammed against the fire hydrant and lay on the ground until a passerby called 911 and medics rushed her to nearby Beth Israel Hospital.

The former teacher, who never married but is dating an 89-year-old lawyer, said her physical wounds were relatively minor and have since healed — but the mental toll has been much more severe.

Brimmage was busted by cops Tuesday and charged with assault after investigators recognized him from video footage of the attack, authorities said.

The frequent offender has now been arrested 103 times since 2005 for petty crimes and sex offenses, sources said.

The creep was convicted of sexual misconduct in 2012, then arrested for two sex offenses in 2014, police sources said.

In May of that year, he was busted for exposing and fondling himself on an East Harlem street, the sources said.

Just months later, in July, he was arrested for grabbing a woman’s behind at a Third Avenue deli.

In 2017, he failed to notify authorities that he changed his address and had to register as a sex offender, state records show.

At the time of Friday’s attack, Brimmage had three open criminal cases in the city, according to court records.

We reported earlier about an NYC judge who freed another thug after he was arrested for allegedly looting a smoke shop during the George Floyd riots and busting open the head of an NYPD officer who tried to arrest him.

Will tourists stop coming to NYC if they know serial criminals are allowed to freely roam the streets? Will citizens demand serial criminals are taken off the streets or is it politically incorrect to expect that criminals pay for their crimes?

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