New York’s Dem Mafia Rocked By Lawsuit After Madison Ave. Business File Suit Against Cuomo, De Blasio for Riots, Estimates $100M in Damages

Opinion| Just imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a building or store front on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. You have it made, right? I mean sure, the cost of entry is high, but all that foot traffic, all those people spending money on the most famous street in the most famous, richest and safest city in the world … you can’t lose, right? WRONG.

I’ve alluded to the 1979 movie ‘The Warriors’ before, and this won’t be the last time. When I first saw the movie back the 2000’s I remember thinking to myself, how the hell did New York City (which, at the time and ever since Rudy cleaned it up, has been the crown jewel of the planet) ever have looked as it did in the 70’s? I mean, you can not get a studio, even waaaaay uptown for the price of a nice 4 bedroom home ,with land, in the New Jersey suburbs, a mere 30 miles away, now a days. How could such valuable land be left in such neglect?

The answer to the question of ‘how could that happen’ is simple: leadership … or lack there of.

There is an adage that I think about from time to time, and I hate to butcher it but, basically the point is: How much tyranny a government force upon it’s people is always exactly as much as it’s people allow.

It is because New Yorker’s got too comfortable under the leadership of Giuliani, Pataki and even Bloomberg (who I am not a fan of, but there was law and order in the city when he was the Mayor, I will give him that much) and decided to vote in a radical, socialist regime. Not just in The City, but for the entirety of New York State.

NYC’s Mayor De Blasio is nothing short of a race pimp and white Che Guevara wannabe. Governor Cuomo, on the other hand is nothing more than a two bit gangster, who is only Mayor because of his father’s clout in the New York political racket.

Well, actions have consequences, and in a city like New York, the stakes are high, very, very high …

PJ Media explains:

‘On May 29, George Floyd protests in New York City devolved into looting, riots, and arson. Between May 29 and June 9, looters and rioters damaged more than 450 businesses. During that lawless destruction, the NYPD union president blamed Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) and Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) for publicly attacking police and for not sending reinforcements to restore order. Now, at least one business is filing a lawsuit to hold them accountable.

Domus Design Center (DDC) on 134 Madison Ave has filed a lawsuit claiming that Cuomo, de Blasio, the NYPD, and others failed to do their jobs to protect the people of New York from lawless looters and rioters, The New York Post reported. Sal Strazzullo, the lawyer who represents DDC, predicts the case will become a class-action and the damages will reach $100 million.’

If I were a property owner in New York City and my building and business were allowed to be trashed by the rabid mob, without the city’s leadership doing everything in their power to stop it from happening, I would be LIVID. The taxes these business owners pay must be enough to choke a hippo, and if the can’t even be protected from the radical left mob, I’m sure for MUCH less they could pay La Cosa Nostra, to solve their problems much more effectively.

“Where are our tax dollars going?” … “Rocks, bricks thrown? Glass smashed? Merchandise stolen? Thrown out? People hurt? Millions lost? Businesses destroyed? Lives crushed? Not protecting commercial properties is negligence of duty. It’s looters against New York City and state.” the attorney stated.

“Paying taxes that help pay the salary of the NYPD, we expect protection in return,” Strazzullo insisted. “Where was the city? The state? Officials failing to protect their residents? Government is responsible to protect its citizens and businesses against criminals who want to do bad.” Like the attorney’s statement implies, a protection racket only works when you get protection in exchange for the extortion … or in this case that extortion is called ‘taxes’

He’s right, and it’s not the choice of the rank and file cops in the city either. These men and women signed up to protect the city, risking their lives to do so, and their own mayor will not even protect them from the mobs.
The Sergeant’s Benevolent Association sent out this Tweet, reflecting the city’s finest’s sentiment concerning the unrest and their being left to dangle in the wind during it:

On top of all this de Blasio now says he is considering cutting a BILLION dollars in funding from the police. That’s Democrat logic for ya, crime skyrocketing? Let’s reduce our ability to control it! Brilliant!
Sal Strazzullo, the lawyer who represents DDC said:

“Cuomo should have worried about hospital reform instead of bail reform. Getting a free pass, some criminals were not able to be detained pending trial and now we have looters. Who’d have imagined we’d have to board up our stores? We’re not in Afghanistan. Places like Saks Fifth, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex being bombed out?”

Come November this is the question Americans need to ask themselves, do you want to live in the shining city on the hill … or Kabul?

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