Democrats Take First Step Towards Impeaching Attorney General Barr

Opinion| Mark Sidney| Has it ever crossed your mind that there could, possibly, just maybe, be a different reason that the entire nation is engulfed in ‘protests’ and, in some areas ‘riots’ and violence against police and innocent civilians?

Could there be something going on behind the scenes, something that has those with the money and power to put into motion such civil unrest, a reason to do so? Perhaps it could all be fomented out of the almighty sense of self preservation?

Now, to be clear, I am not saying that this is, or is not the case, I am just asking questions here.

We have been told that Attorney General Barr and US Attorney Durham have been digging into the abuses of the Obama Administration. President Trump, when asked if Obama had committed a crime, what crime was it that he committed, stated: ‘Treason.’

David Brody:’… On Obama and the spying situation, this idea that they were spying on your campaign, you’ve been asked before about what crime would have been potentially been committed.’

President Trump: ‘Treason’

Let’s just assume for a moment that our worst fears are in fact true, and Obama, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Rosenstein, McCabe, Biden, and other WERE involved in what amounts to a coup. Now, for the sake of debate, let us assume that Barr and Durham have spent the last few years compiling the evidence of their alleged and hypothetical, crimes and have finally hit pay dirt and are ready to, or are about to be ready to, file indictments.

First off, it would be pretty safe to assume that a cabal powerful enough to nearly pull off a coup would have a mole inside the current administration leaking them information on the status of the investigations. It would also stand to reason that all the electronic signals (texts, phone calls, emails etc) being generated by all those involved, even tangentially, would be monitored by those being investigated. Yes, these are all assumptions for the sake of our thought experiment, I am not claiming any of this to be proven fact.

If all this were true and the bad actors who control all this influence, power, and money were on the verge of being indicted, would it not stand to reason that they would do ANYTHING in their power to stop those indictments from coming and the world finding out what they had done?

Yes, those are a lot of assumptions, and perhaps it is a long shot, but keep it in the back of your mind when you read these developments from Capitol Hill:

Sara Carter reported: House Democrats on Tuesday introduced a resolution to ‘investigate and consider’ impeaching Attorney General William Barr. The move comes just a few months after their failed attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

Congressman Steve Cohen, R-TN, brought the measure to the House floor with the support of 35 co-sponsors. The group alleges that “Attorney General Barr has undermined our judicial system and perverted the rule of law.”’

“In the past few weeks alone, Barr has ordered the attack on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park, in violation of their constitutional rights, and moved to drop charges against Michael Flynn, the President’s former campaign advisor, despite his guilty pleas. He fired without any explanation the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York who was overseeing investigations into the President’s associates and possibly the President himself.”

“The pattern here is unmistakable. Barr obstructs justice by favoring the President’s friends and political allies. He abuses his power by using the Department of Justice to harass, intimidate and attack disfavored Americans and the President’s political opponents. My oath to support and defend the Constitution compels me to confront this corruption. Congress is a co-equal branch of government and we must get to the bottom of this and hold Bill Barr accountable.” The Democrat House Representative added.

Jim Jordan pushed back:

Freedom Caucus member and one of the few Republicans in the Federal Government with the stones to do a damn thing about the destruction of our Constitution fired off a Tweet which read as follows:

‘House Democrats just introduced a resolution to impeach the Attorney General.

Are you kidding me?

Bill Barr is cleaning up the mess that Obama, Biden, and Comey created!’

Once again, this is all speculation, however, could that just be the reason that the Democrats need Trump and Barr gone so badly? Could it be the reason we have a ‘color revolution’ of sorts occurring in our streets? The same type of movement that our intel community has allegedly used as a weapon against hostile foreign powers over the years? Could this be the reason the media is trying to paint the nation as a racist, xenophobic failed experiment and inherently ‘white supremacist?’

There are a lot of questions that remain to be answered, let’s hope Trump stays in office long enough for the truth to come out …

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