VIDEO: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Bans all Large Gatherings … Exempts Black Lives Matter ‘Rallies’

Opinion| NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio told Wolf Blitzer that he is banning all large gatherings …. buuuuuuuut he will allow BLM rallies that all too often result in illegal activity such as assaults, destruction of property, both public and private, and obviously consist of a lot of people and their bodily fluids intermingling, to carry on.

Most of the rhetoric I see coming from Democrats these days is in fervent support of allowing mass gatherings … for BLM protests (and leftists rallies only) despite constantly calling for everyone (and presumably that means everyone ELSE) to stay home.

I honestly wonder what would happen if conservatives held a massive ‘All Lives Matter’ march in NYC, would the NYC mayor shut it down?

It is a legitimate question considering what his city has done to tiny parks in the cities Jewish communities:

I think everyone who says ‘All Lives Matter’, by definition, agree that ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The problem with the Black Lives Matter organization is that it is not just a slogan, it is a Marxist political movement according to one of it’s founders:

Some BLM leaders even openly threaten to ‘burn’ the nation to the ground if they do not get what they want. If you think about the two videos in context, it sounds to me as if America does not surrender to a totalitarian communist regime, the BLM leadership will have their soldiers burn this nation to the ground (maybe literally, maybe figuratively … so says the man in the clip below:

Of course, if Democrats win the election they will seek to reel BLM back in and restore order, after all this is Hegelian dialectic 101. Create a problem (convince everyone they are a victim based on race/gender/etc) instigate a reaction (civil unrest and rioting) poses as the only one who can solve the problem (elect Democrats.)

The one thing that the Dems are not counting on is that once you release a mob, and the mob mentality takes over, it is not so easy to put the genie back in the bottle. Need proof of this? Just look no further than the Middle East. Syria is a great example …

I don’t expect the Democrats to discourage the mass gatherings of BLM and ANTIFA before the election, as the left believes that such anarchy in our streets hurts Trump and helps them. However, I think this is where they are wrong. Most Americans, regardless of melanin levels, just want to go about their lives, do their jobs and be home at night with their family, feeling SAFE.

The people who are most in danger when these riots begin are the good people in the poorer neighborhoods. I do not think scaring them to death over and over again is going to do anything other than look for someone who will stop the madness, and that person needs to be Trump.

Predictably, in America’s most well known city, New York, which is seeing a large spike in crime, it’s seemingly ‘socialist’, if not out right ‘communist’ Mayor, de Blasio, is calling for a continued halt on large public gatherings … except the ones he has participated in: Black Lives Matter rallies. Could his use of his office for the advancement of his ideology above all else be any more clear, or any more dangerous?

His position is completely ideologically disingenuous. Either gatherings are OK, or they are deadly. If you want to make an exception for political speech, OK, I can get behind that, but it needs to be for all political speech, not just the speech the Mayor likes.

To be fair, in the clip the mayor does not say that Trump supporters are forbidden from organizing politcal protests, but it sure felt that way to me. Of course Wolf didn’t even have the integrity to ask the Mayor about people on the right being afforded the same speech and assembly rights.

If my interpretation of de Blasio’s statement is correct, and he is only allowing a single set of people to speak and only because of their point of view, this is one of the most recognizable hallmarks of a despotic tyranny.

If I were one of those poor souls who live in New York, I would be trying to escape, and escape as fast as possible before the city descends into what what it was in the 70’s … a ****hole.

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