Democrat Houston Mayor Allows BLM Protests, But Prepares to Nix Texas GOP Convention

By Calvin Freiburger at The Federalist Papers

For Democrats, the COVID-19 outbreak has provided the ultimate environment in which to practice Rahm Emanuel’s infamous advice to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

From severely limiting economic activity to banning pro-life protests and religious worship to spending massive amounts of money, it’s made for an opportunity to scratch more than a few of their favorite itches. And in Texas, they’ve even managed to use it to throw a wrench into the state Republican Party’s convention plans.

On Wednesday, Houston Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner ordered Houston First Corporation, the owners of the George R. Brown Convention Center, to cancel its contract with the State Republican Executive Committee to hold its annual state convention there next week, citing — you guessed it — increasing coronavirus cases in the Lone Star State:

“These are some very serious times and the public safety of the people attending the convention, the employees, their family members, the people in the city of Houston — the public health concerns are first and foremost, paramount,” Turner added.

Turner, who is Black, spoke in personal terms at one point during the presser, invoking the memory of his late mother as he explained the reasoning behind his decision.

“The linchpin for me (was) when one of the people on my staff, combined with my sister, who said to me, ‘mayor, brother, your mom was a maid working at these hotels. And if your mom was alive today working at one of these hotels (would) you as the mayor still allow this convention to go forth and run the risk of infecting your mom?’ ” he said. “And the answer is no.”

Turner continued: “So you don’t have to be my mom, OK? But I am the mayor of every single person in this city. And if you’re not willing to step up and do the right thing, I am not going to divorce my responsibility and my job.”

State Republican leaders aren’t buying that this has anything to do with public health:

“We are prepared to take all necessary steps to proceed in the peaceable exercise of our constitutionally protected rights,” [Texas GOP Chairman James] Dickey said.

The Texas Republican Party had previously announced that the convention will have multiple precautions and safety measures for attendees, including thermal scanners at entrances and hand sanitizer stations throughout the convention. Masks will be provided to comply with the governor’s mandate.

Meeting areas will be “deep-cleaned thoroughly” between gatherings and there will be expanded seating allowing attendees to practice social distancing, the party said […]

“After allowing tens of thousands of protesters to peaceably assemble in the same city, in the same area, without any of the safety precautions and measures we have taken, he is seeking to deny a political Party’s critical electoral function that should be equally protected under the constitution,” Dickey said of Turner.

Indeed, does it look to any of you like there was a lot of social distancing going on in these crowds? Notice anyone without a mask? You think they disinfected all those protest signs before passing them around?

As for the actual coronavirus situation on the ground in Texas, journalist Alex Berenson recently shared a message from one of the heads of a prominent emergency clinic chain in Texas, who explained that the positive COVID cases they’re seeing are getting younger (meaning it’s moving to groups with lower risk of dangerous complications), that the “vast majority” of symptoms have been mild, that the increased positivity rate is due in part to more people being made eligible for testing and employers making workers test even for mild signs, and that his network has seen “very few hospital transfers.”

But sure, public health demanded that the Republican convention be canceled. Seems legit.

Not that anyone should be surprised by any of this.

To the average Democrat, “health” means abortion-on-demand, state micromanagement of your treatment options, “clean” heroin needles, and wait times.

This year alone we’ve seen Democrats impose moratoriums all sorts of important medical procedures and place coronavirus carriers in nursing homes with those most likely to die from it.

Even when Democrats are trying to do healthcare, the results tend to be hazardous to your health. So of course they wouldn’t be above simply crying “public health” for pure, petty partisanship.

This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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