Rudy Launches His Doomsday Files Dealing With Ukrainian Corruption At Obama, Biden and More: The Obama Administration May Turn Out to be the Most Corrupt Administration in Our History

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Opinion| Lawrence David| Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani is best known as the mayor who made New York City livable again and led its residents through the 9/11 terror attacks.  Rudy received accolades for his leadership during a time of great chaos and unknowns.

But Rudy’s resume is significantly greater than that.

Giuliani was a federal prosecutor who led the effort to dismantle the “Five Families” of New York. Working with Italian prosecutors and police, Rudy constructed a bulletproof case against the mafia.

Giuliani now serves as President Trump’s personal attorney. As the president’s legal representative he traveled to Ukraine to better understand the charges that had been brought against his client.

What he uncovered is a devastating indictment of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the entire Obama administration.

With the U.S. media aligned to protect those Globalists guilty of corruption, Mr. Giuliani decided to get the message out using a podcast called Common Sense.

Highlights from Giuliani’s podcast in his own words follow:

“You can’t take a bribe for $5 million, $8 million, $10 million, $20 million… you can’t let a country go wildly corrupt and then say, ‘oh, I’m running for president you can’t investigate me.’ A lot more Democrats would be running for president if they got immunity from major crimes.

“It was our embassy that was encouraging the waste of American money.”

“The money was going to not government organizations (NGO’s), some of them outside of Ukraine, that had a specific political philosophy and only to the ones that had a specific political philosophy… socialist, communist, anti-American, anarchist… philosophies that seek to destroy the basic structure of a free economy…”

Those nihilistic entities are what our tax dollars were funding.

Rudy unloads on the corrupt Americans assigned to the American embassy in Ukraine who were protecting the Obama administration’s complicity from being exposed.

He unloads on the Bidens not just on Ukraine but in Iraq and in China.

Hunter [Biden] comes home with the Bank of China as a partner. Imagine the Bank of China being a partner with the son of the vice president who’s negotiating with China and the press says nothing! Are they corrupt? Yes!

As for Hillary…

“The country that gave the most to the Clinton Foundation? Little Ukraine. How could it be that the biggest contributor to the Clinton Foundation was the little government of Ukraine?

Forty-five million population, struggling with economic pressure from Russia, and in 2014 it had only $800,000 in the bank.”

“The Clinton Foundation alone might qualify for [the most corrupt organization.]”

As for Obama…


Prediction… There is going to be much more damning information that comes to light over the next few months that is going to crush the Democrats’ 2020 hopes.

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