Watch: Police Officers ‘Ambushed,’ Attacked With Weapon, Surrounded by Hundreds of Protesters, While Trying to Find & Help Victim Of Alleged Shooting

OPINION BY Mark Sidney | The civil unrest has reach our front door … again. While responding to a call, which alleged gunshots in the area, Tampa Police were reportedly ‘ambushed.’ One officer was hit in the back of the head with a bottle, and needed to call for back up … a lot of back up.

This is not the first time Tampa has seen ‘protesters’ go crazy in the city. A few weeks back over 200 ‘protesters’ made off with $100,000 in merchandise during a looting riot in the city.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said:

“It’s an ambush. I have no other way to describe it. When there are that many people out there and clearly no one had been shot. It was just a setup to get the cops there.”

“There were hundreds of them — hundreds. We ended up having to call every single police officer that was available that night to respond there, from New Tampa to South Tampa.”

“There have been some violent acts. People are acting out. They think they can get away with doing whatever they want toward the cops. We’re going to use the necessary force to take people into custody. I think that’s what people need to understand.”

“The police, we always have everyone’s back. Nobody has ours right now and that is what I think is missing here. The cops are not going to lie down. We’re going to go out there and do our job, but we’re being really careful.”

I have been a critic of certain bad cops in the past and I will continue to call out corruption and abuse of power when I see it, but this behavior is just as evil and just as dangerous. Most officers do not go through all that training and undertake risking their lives everyday because they want to be assholes and hurt people. The majority of the police officers I know are good, honest, people who just want to keep the peace, they do not deserve this.

From The Blaze:

Police arrested one man during the incident, Aaron Lamar Brown, 25, for violently resisting arrest and violating his probation, according to WFLA-TV.

Anything else?

The Saturday night incident was followed by a separate ambush that occurred Monday morning at a 7-Eleven, when a suspect resisted arrest and attempted to take an officer’s gun.

The suspect also reportedly struck the officer in the face several times, leaving him with cuts and bruises.

Dugan made clear that he will not tolerate violence against his officers.

Despite the reports that there were a lot of people throwing things at the police, only a single arrest was made. You can hear the frustration in the voice of the police chief in the video below.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that, if people keep abusing the police in certain neighborhoods, the cops will be less likely to want to enter those neighborhoods. I know a lot of people in poorer neighborhoods THINK they want to ‘abolish’ or ‘defund’ the police, however, that would form a power vacuum.

If you are wondering how things go when there is a power vacuum, you need to look to further than Syria.

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