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Sarah Sanders Reveals Truth About “Drunk On Power” John Bolton: “Acted like he was President…pushing an agenda that was contrary to President Trump’s”

By 100 Percent FED Up– 

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has thrown a wet blanket on John Bolton’s new tell-all book that many believe was released in advance of the upcoming election to harm President Trump’s chances of being re-elected. The former White House press secretary, who had a strong and close relationship with President Trump, is calling out the President Trump’s former NSA John Bolton, as a senior official who was “drunk on power.”

Sanders tweeted about her interview with Axios, who had a first look at her upcoming book, “Speaking for Myself,” where she addresses John Bolton, and how he was “drunk on power,” and who “had forgotten that nobody elected him to anything.”

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From the Axios article: Sanders tells me that Bolton regularly traveled separately on foreign trips and, in London, disregarded a request to wait so the rest of the staff wouldn’t get stuck in traffic:

“Bolton apparently felt too important to travel with the rest of us,” Sanders writes. “As we were ready to depart for the Winfield House,” the U.S. ambassador’s residence in London, “we loaded onto a small black bus.”

“We waited and watched as Bolton sped by and left us in the dust. The discussion on the bus quickly moved … to how arrogant and selfish Bolton could be, not just in this moment but on a regular basis.”

“If anyone on the team should have merited a motorcade it was [Treasury Secretary] Mnuchin, but he was a team player and didn’t seem to mind traveling with the rest of us.”

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“Often Bolton acted like he was the president, pushing an agenda contrary to President Trump’s.”

“When we finally arrived at the Winfield House, [chief of staff] Mick Mulvaney, typically laid-back and not one to get caught up in titles or seniority, confronted Bolton and unleashed a full Irish explosion on him.”

In a series of tweets, Sanders unloaded on John Bolton:

Full excerpt from my forthcoming book “Speaking for Myself,” about John Bolton, a man drunk on power who ultimately betrayed America when he didn’t get his way… “That evening the United States hosted the reciprocal dinner at the Winfield House, the US Ambassador’s residence…

Earlier in the trip, the Winfield House had been the site of a nasty fight between senior White House officials. To prepare for every foreign trip we had daily operations meetings and briefings leading up to the trip itself.

The UK state visit had lots of moving parts and one area of concern was that there would not be a presidential motorcade to and from most events, because the president would predominantly be traveling on Marine One. The UK security team was allowing one small staff motorcade and based on their protocol they’d designated it for National Security Advisor John Bolton. In one of the prep briefings Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Walsh asked Bolton’s team to be sure to wait on the senior White House staff vehicles traveling to the Winfield House so they could be part of Bolton’s motorcade and not get stuck in traffic. Bolton’s team acknowledged the request.

As he did on many of our foreign trips, Bolton had a separate agenda and often arrived and departed on a different plane because he didn’t want to travel on Air Force One with the President and his team. Bolton apparently felt too important to travel with the rest of us. It was a running joke in the White House. As we were ready to depart for the Winfield House we loaded onto a small black bus. On board, were Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor Dan Scavino, Walsh, and me. Based on US protocol, Mnuchin, Mulvaney, and Walsh all outranked Bolton.

Mnuchin, one of the highest ranking officials in government, far outranked him. We waited at the hotel but there was no sign of Bolton or his motorcade. After a while we gave up and headed to the Winfield House to meet the president. While en route, UK police directed us to pull to the side of the road because someone was coming through…we looked over to see who it was and sure enough here came Bolton and his motorcade. We waited and watched as Bolton sped by and left us in the dust…

The discussion on the bus quickly moved from casual chit chat to how arrogant and selfish Bolton could be, not just in this moment but on a regular basis. If anyone on the team should have merited a motorcade it was Mnuchin, but he was a team player. Bolton was a classic case of a senior White House official drunk on power, who had forgotten that nobody elected him to anything. Often Bolton acted like he was the president, pushing an agenda contrary to President Trump’s.

When we finally arrived at the Winfield House, Mick Mulvaney, typically laid-back and not one to get caught up in titles or seniority, confronted Bolton and unleashed a full Irish explosion on him. He lit into him in a way I hadn’t seen him do to anyone before.
Mick made clear he was the chief of staff and Bolton’s total disregard for his colleagues and common decency was unacceptable and would no longer be tolerated. “Let’s face it John,” Mick said. “You’re a f—— self-righteous, self-centered son of a b——!”

That epithet really didn’t have much to do with the motorcade, but was the culmination of months of Bolton thinking he was more important and could play by a different set of rules than the rest of the team. Bolton backed down and stormed off…

The rest of us looked on and nodded in approval, proud of Mick for standing up for us. Mick even got a few high fives from officials thrilled someone had put Bolton in his place.”

Another woman by the name of Sara (different spelling), who knows President Trump quite well, unloaded on John Bolton and his new book in a seething ope-ed:

Sara Carter wrote:

John Bolton’s Lies Damage Everyone, Especially The American People. He Doesn’t Care.

The former National Security Advisor’s soon-to-be-released memoir — The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir contains classified information. It was strategic, of course. Everything about the book, including its release date was planned. The fact that Bolton didn’t testify during the impeachment hearings was also calculated. If what he says is true about President Trump, why didn’t he testify? He didn’t testify because it’s all lies. Writing a book doesn’t require Bolton to be under oath and in the end he figured it would be his word against Trump.

I used to respect Bolton for his long years of service to our nation but now I see him for what he is a backstabbing liar intent on taking down a president he had given accolades to on the world stage.

That scenario happens frequently in Washington D.C.

There’s a saying. “if you want a friend in Washington D.C., get a dog.” Sad but somewhat true.

Bolton, however, didn’t plan this battle against Trump alone. He joined forces with the Rhinos, long time political diplomats, politicians, and bureaucrats in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

They golf together, go on vacation together, misuse your tax dollars without ever thinking about the grueling hours you put into your work to make a life for your family. They dine at the best restaurants and calculate how to take the disruptor down. They then laugh as they leak their lies to the Washington D.C. elite media that despises you for voting for him and then watch many lap it up without question.

This group of life-long politicos cares only about themselves and their legacy. They are playing for keeps and to retain power. They use the American people as pawns in their game. We are the chess pieces that they attempt to move.

Bolton is part of that.

And that’s why the book’s release comes just months before the election. It’s crucial for their continuing disinformation campaign against this administration and it’s lasted now for nearly four years.

Trump is surrounded by scoundrels. He knows it and keeps fighting back. It can’t be easy.

Department of Justice prosecutors are thinking about prosecuting Bolton. They should and will. But Bolton knew that it would come to this and he was prepared for the battle.

In the end, all he wants is to drive his political spear into Trump for firing him and aid the President’s enemies in defeating him come November.

Carter also included a video compilation of John Bolton praising President Trump that was tweeted by Dan Scavino.

John Bolton is nothing more than another Bill Kristol, a RINO who used to be relevant that is simply incapable of understanding President Trump’s non-political approach to dismantling the Swamp in DC.

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