BREAKING: Woman Wearing “I Can’t Breathe” T-Shirt Hauled Away By Police From Trump Rally

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As you all know tonight is the first Trump rally to be held in a hell of a long time thanks to the Chinese virus-AKA COVID-19.

The rally is being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in an inside arena as well as an outdoor section.

People have been lining up for days waiting for their chance to attend the rally.

Authorities have anticipated protesters to show up and have vowed to take swift action in order to prevent any violence or disruptions to what is simply a peaceful rally of Americans that back Trump.

So far there have been just a few incidents but otherwise all has gone well.

Of course, there will be leftists that will keep trying to cause problems and one lefty found out that she probably should have stayed at home or go loot or whatever the hell these people do in their spare time.

One woman identified as Sheila Buck was hauled away by police for trespassing and refusing officer’s orders to leave.

She was wearing a black “I CAN’T BREATH” t-shirt and had her head covered with a black cloth.

She is definitely not a Trump supporter- THAT I can tell you!

100 Percent FED Up has more: 

Watch the videos below as “Sheila” is carried off by the police officers. There isn’t information or video of what happened before this woman was arrested. It is being reported that she entered the “safety barricade” and was arrested for trespassing.

This leftist agitator said she has a ticket to the rally, but it’s being reported that the police officers called a supervisor who told them to remove her.

This woman is clearly not attending the Trump rally for anything but attention. She’s a pro at this.

Everyone, including President Trump, agrees with the wrongs committed during the George Floyd arrest. This was a staged act by a leftist agitator to stir up sentiment against President Trump, his supporters, and the police.

Social media is already exploding with claims that this woman was removed for wearing the t-shirt that says “I Can’t Breathe” and that Tulsa police were wrong to arrest her.

Does a political candidate have a right to have protesters removed? Video of Biden, Sanders, and so many other candidates having people removed from events are everywhere. The left wants to play it both ways.

Check out these videos:

“BREAKING: A woman entered the rally area wearing an “I can’t breathe” shirt. She says she had a ticket but was asked to leave.

“Police dragged her out and arrested her for trespassing after she sat down and refused to leave.”

The woman identified herself as “Sheila Buck” before she was put into a Tulsa Police cruiser and taken away.”


Of course the leftist media has her back and will no doubt cause a sh*t storm over this.

Some agitators showed up last night and were zipping up and down the street until one of them wrecked:

“Anti-Trump agitators crash #TrumpRallyTulsa in the middle of
interviewing supporters who are camping out overnight in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wait for it…OUCH!”

So, we can expect more disruptions but for the most part things seem to be pretty much under control.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see Trump and the patriots who are attending the rally- it’s guaranteed to be one hell of a good time!

Again, thanks to our good friends at 100 Percent FED Up.

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God Bless.

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