Biden Dispenses Odd Marriage Advice, ‘You Ought to Marry Into a Family With Five or More Sisters.’

OPINION- By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

During a roundtable discussion today former Vice President and Democratic Party candidate for President Joe Biden dispensed some rather odd marriage advice.

He told the nation that a man should always marry into a family with five sisters because you’ll always have an ally during a large family argument or discussion.

“In time, when you think about it, as time goes by, you’re going to smile before you cry. That’s when you know you’re going to make it. It’ll work,” the former Vice President said.

“And the other thing we have in common is I tell everybody, ‘You ought to marry into a family with five or more sisters,’ he added. My wife has four sisters, you have five. You know why that’s the reason?”

Biden then proceeded to give his reason for marrying into a family with at least five sisters:

“One of them always loves you. Not to say one, but one will always love you. You always have one ally. So that’s what I recommend every man: Marry into a family with five or more sisters.”

Sure sounds like Biden gets into a lot of squabbles with his wife’s family and is in need of allies.

While Biden’s marriage advice is not unreasonable, in the sense that he’s probably right in this specific case, it is odd because well, it’s just weird advice. Especially in today’s hyper sensitive world.

Besides how many single women have that many sisters? That would seem to leave out a lot of potential mates!

Can you imagine the 24/7 outrage that would ensue if President Trump or any other prominent Republican gave that advice?

He or she would be crucified by the press and declared guilty of hate, or something.

If Democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.

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