George Floyd Funeral Turns Into Political Spectacle: “Hate Group” Nation of Islam was Security, Race Baiter Al Sharpton Presides, Joe Biden Panders

By 100 Percent FED Up– 

The funeral for George Floyd was today, and boy was it a spectacle. The location of the funeral service was at Fountain of Praise Church in Houston, TX.

After the private service at Fountain of Praise Church, Floyd was taken to the Houston Memorial Gardens in Pearland.

The funeral was packed with 500 mourners, including several celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, NFL star J.J. Watt and Congressman Al Green just to list a few.

Congressman Al Green was one of the first to call for the impeachment of President Trump. In December, Rep. Green said the impeachment of Trump was needed to “deal with slavery.” 

Green was also at the service for political reasons. He represents the 9th District in Texas.

The Floyd family all dressed in white for the ceremony and wore sneakers with the image of Floyd on them with the saying, “I can’t breathe.”

The spectacle of the funeral turned into a political throwdown of President Trump. It’s to be expected with race-baiter Al Sharpton giving the eulogy. Sharpton never misses an opportunity to capitalize on a tragedy.

Reverend Al Sharpton delivered a eulogy bashing Trump, calling out the NFL and demanding justice for Floyd.

Joe Biden had to get his two-cents worth in there with a video message from his bunker in Deleware. During the message, he declared, ‘Now is the time for racial justice’…Biden has quite a history of racism and then was Vice President for eight years. Is he just now calling for ‘racial justice’? This was the most pandering move Biden has made during his campaign. He’s using this man’s death to win votes.

Security at the funeral was supplied by the Nation of Islam and Houston police. The Nation of Islam has been designated a “hate group” by the SPLC.

It’s interesting that the BLM leader from New York said that after they defund the police, they will be bringing in a group like Nation of Islam or the Black Panthers.

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