Intolerant GoFundMe Suspends Candace Owens Fundraiser to Help Alabama Bar Owner Over ‘Intolerance’

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

Proving it is just left wing hack company that will not tolerate any dissent from the leaders political views GoFundMe has suspended a fundraiser by Candace Owens on Saturday created to help an Alabama bar owner who appears to have been targeted simply because of his views.

Via Fox News:

GoFundMe has suspended a fundraiser by Candace Owens on Saturday created to help an Alabama bar following controversial comments made by its owner towards George Floyd and protesters, according to multiple reports.

Owens expressed her support and helped raised more than $200,000 for Birmingham’s Parkside Cafe. Its co-owner Michael Dykes had previously said Floyd was a “thug” and that protesters were “idiots” in a text message that was posted online, reported.

“After raising $205,000 in a few hours @gofundme decided to halt my campaign for the Parkside Cafe in Alabama. At their discretion, they deemed that funds raised for a conservative business constitutes “intolerance” They WILL however give the funds raised thus far to the cafe…” Owens wrote on Twitter.

GoFundMe removed the campaign citing a violation of their terms of service, based on a screenshot she posted online. It specifically referenced user content the company deemed “to be in support of hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism or intolerance of any kind.”

It was also removed to due falsehoods against the black community at a time of profound national crisis, according to Birmingham’s WIAT.

This is simply intolerable.

In America it used to “I disagree with you completely but I would fight to the death for your right to hold and express those views.” No more.

Now if you go against leftist group think they may try and destroy you, your family and your business or livelihood.

That said, while George Floyd appears to have been murdered by a police officer, based on all accounts he was no upstanding citizen. He was a thug, and the protesters are idiots.

The entire basis for the protests is a lie. There is no epidemic of police brutality against black people.

Here’s the truth about police shootings of blacks that the media is hiding, via Larry Elder at PJ Media:

There is no “epidemic” of racist cops killing black suspects. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, police killings of blacks declined almost 80% from the late ’60s through the 2010s, while police killings of whites have flatlined.

Meanwhile, in 2017, according to the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports, non-Hispanic blacks were eight times more likely to be a victim of homicide (homicide death rate: 23.2 per 100,000) than non-Hispanic whites (homicide death rate: 2.9 per 100,000).

The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young white men is accidents, like car accidents and drownings. The No. 1 reason for death, preventable or otherwise, for young black men, is homicide, almost always at the hands of another young black man.

In 2018, there were approximately 7,400 black homicide victims, more than half of the nation’s total number of homicides, out of a black population of 13%. Of that number, the police killed a little over 200 blacks, and nearly all of them had a weapon or violently resisted arrest.

So basically all of the anti-police sentiment we see the country from the left is all based on a lie. Again, the protesters are idiots.

But that is how the Democrat party and their media allies roll these days. They lie through their teeth and no one fact checks them, so they get away with it, day after day.

When will people finally wake up and see the truth?

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