McCabe In Panic Mode After Rod Rosenstein Throws Him Directly Under the Bus

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

By HJICOpinion| If there was one thing to take away from the hearing yesterday featuring Rod Rosenstein, it is that he has no love for the life or freedom of his old compatriot, Andrew McCabe.

It took Rod only a few minutes push McCabe under the wheels of the on coming train following his reading of his opening statement.

Rosenstein insisted that McCabe never mentioned to him that the opposition research smear job, commonly known as the Steele dossier, was a known fraud well before it was submitted to the FISA application Court. there is just one issue, Rosenstein’s signature is on the document which was deceptively presented to the secret court.

This sent Twitter and the blogosphere into over drive.

Famous liberal Constitutional scholar, Johnathan Turley , laid out the events:

‘Rosenstein just testified that he would not have signed the warrant application in 2017 on Carter Page because of the misconduct of FBI agents and the lack of evidence. He said he did not know that the Steele dossier was discredited by that time. He said McCabe particularly was not candid … or forthcoming.” Notably, we now know that the Flynn investigation found no criminal acts by December 2016 and now Rosenstein said he would have ended the investigation of Page which was the focus of the early justifications of the Russian investigation.’

Sen. Feinstein did a good job framing the use (or non-use) of the Steele dossier but went off the rails by stressing that none of the prosecutions relied on the dossier. However, the fact is that there was never any prosecution of any Trump person for colluding or conspiring with the Russians. There was never any evidence of collusion with the Russian, a point reaffirmed by Rosenstein today. This hearing shows the value of oversight and the still unanswered questions in light of recently released material.

The Washington Examiner Tweeted:

‘”I believe, Senator, that Mr. McCabe was not fully candid with me. He certainly wasn’t forthcoming.”

Rod Rosenstein says Andrew McCabe did not reveal @Comey‘s suspicions about @realDonaldTrump “for at least a week” after he became acting FBI Director.’

The rats are not only fleeing the ship, they are turning on one another.

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