Democrat Judge Makes Fun Of Gov. Greg Abbott Being In A Wheel Chair, Immediately Regrets It



(NationalSentinel) Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been in a wheelchair most of his adult life after being paralyzed by a tree that fell on him when he was 26 years old during a jog.

He’s managed pretty well since: A rising start in GOP politics in the Lone Star State, Abbott managed to win the top job in 2016 and remains popular. Under his leadership, the Texas economy has grown, opportunities abound, and his state is becoming a go-to destination (with no state taxes) for businesses.

But despite his success — and because Democrats are just fucking garbage people — it didn’t shield him or his unfortunate disability from being the butt of a tasteless “joke” from a Democrat state judge.

The Washington Examiner notes:

A Democratic judge in Texas apologized for saying Republican Gov. Greg Abbott “hates trees because one fell on him.”

Abbott, 61, was paralyzed when he was 26 years old after an oak tree fell on him while he was jogging in Houston in July 1984. The incident paralyzed him from the waist down, and he has since used a wheelchair.

The crowd reportedly laughed at Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt’s comment made Friday at the Texas Tribune Festival. The remark was made in the context of the Texas Legislature overriding local ordinances like Austin’s tree ordinance.

In her apology later Friday, Eckhardt said her remark was “flippant,” “inappropriate,” and there was “no excuse” for it.

You damned right there is ‘no excuse for it.’ But what the hell, right? He’s a Republican and pretty much all Democrat office holders think Republicans are fair game for any and all abuse that can be heaped on them because they’re not really people.

Eckhardt, your apology is meaningless. You made it because you got caught. You’re a piece of crap.

And by the way, had this been a Republican judge who made a similar remark about a handicapped Democratic official, the leftist “mainstream” media would be all over it, treating the insult like the second coming of the Black Plague or something.

But then again, Republican leaders don’t talk that way about Democrats because they have class, breeding and are not garbage human beings.

Maybe Eckhardt will suffer a similar fate as Abbott someday. Let’s see how funny she thinks his disability is then.

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