Joe Biden/ Michelle Obama 2020: Speculation Swirls After Biden States He Would ‘Pick Michelle Obama as Running Mate ‘In a Heartbeat’

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Opinion| We have speculated a lot about who Joe Biden would choose as a running mate.

Back in mid March, the Independent reported:

‘Joe Biden has committed to picking a woman as his running mate should he go on to become the Democratic nominee for president.

The former vice president made the commitment in a Sunday night debate with rival Bernie Sanders that focused largely on the coronavirus pandemic.

“If I’m elected president, my cabinet, my administration, will look like the country, and I commit that I will in fact appoint and pick a woman as vice president,” he said. ‘

Personally, I do not think that Joe is going to the Democrat’s candidate for the 2020 election. I have a feeling that he is going to be replaced by …. well, someone who just isn’t … well, so ‘Joe Bidenish.’

Back in September we also speculated about Biden’s VP being Michelle Obama, based on Joe’s own words:

‘Former Vice President under Barack Obama, turned presidential hopeful, Joe Biden made an appearance on Thursday evening on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.”

During the segment, Biden spoke about appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, but it didn’t end there.

Biden and Colbert discussed the matter, with Biden insisting that if he won the Democratic presidential nomination, beating out incumbent President Donald Trump, he wouldn’t hesitate in appointing Obama to the Supreme Court.

“Have you called [Obama] for advice [on the campaign]?” Colbert questioned the former Vice President. “Would you appoint him to the Supreme Court?”

Biden happily answered with a smile, “Hell yes! [But] I don’t think he’d do it. … He’s fully qualified.”

Colbert answered, “Have you asked Michelle Obama for advice?”

Biden came back with a quip, “Only to be my vice president. I mean …”

The crowd laughed and applauded, to which Biden responded “I’m only joking! Michelle, I’m joking! That was a joke.”’

Biden insisted he was joking. However, this time I don’t hear him laughing.

Breitbart is reporting:

‘Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, said he would undoubtedly select former first lady Michelle Obama to be his running mate, though he admitted she likely does not want to jump back into politics anytime soon.

“I’d take her in a heartbeat,” Biden said in a Monday interview with CBS Pittsburgh when asked if he would add Obama to the ticket. “She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman. The Obamas are great friends.”

However, he said he doubts she wants the job.

“I don’t think she has any desire to live near the White House again,” Biden said.

In the same interview, Biden reiterated his pledge to select a woman as his running mate and said the vetting process is still ongoing.

“I’ll commit to that [it will] be a woman because it is very important that my administration look like the public, look like the nation,” he said. “And there will be, committed that there will be a woman of color on the Supreme Court, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a vice president, as well.”’

Biden previously proposed the former first lady as his running mate, telling supporters at an Iowa campaign stop in January that he would “sure would like Michelle to be the vice president.” During the same event, he also floated his former boss, President Barack Obama, as a possible Supreme Court Justice pick.’

Could you imagine that, Michelle Obama, a heartbeat … and one of Joe Biden’s heartbeats mind you, away from the Presidency?

If I were the Democrats, I would swap Biden out for Mark Cuban and then pick Michelle Obama as their VP … luckily, I don’t see that happening, but if it were to happen, that would sure make for an interesting 2020 election cycle.

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