Democrat Senator Schumer: Trump Is “Picking On” China And The W.H.O.

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Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer claimed President Trump is “picking on” China and the WHO in an unbelievable interview on MSNBC.

Does Schumer not think it’s a good idea to pick on China for causing the worst pandemic in 100 years?

Is Schumer taking China’s side because he detests President Trump so much? Does he have something to hide when it comes to China?

“The administration seems to have no plan. Just look at what he did a few minutes ago, another grandiose announcement. This time, a Marshall Plan on vaccinations. Well, I hope they succeed. We need vaccinations. But if past is prologue, you have to be dubious. Because Donald Trump always has these grand announcements, and then there is no follow-through whatsoever. Look at testing, two months ago, he said, everyone who wants a test will get a test. We still are way behind in testing. … President Obama put together an extensive plan. Donald Trump seems to have no plan for anything, just announcement with no follow-through, no agencies all marching together to get something done. And then there’s another grand announcement, and then the next day, there’s picking on — you know, finding a foil, McConnell found Obama. They’re going after Biden. They go after China. They go after W.H.O. There is no real focus on this by this administration to actually roll their sleeves up and solve the problem.”

Senator Chuck Schumer has been in the US Senate for decades so it is a valid point to ask if he is beholden to China for something.

Who can trust what Senator Schumer says anyway? He was recently caught in a lie saying that President Trump “muzzled” Dr. Fauci:

A video of Dr. Fauci saying he hasn’t been muzzled by President Trump is a reality check to Senator Chuck Schumer who blatantly lied to say Dr. Fauci was muzzled.

Senator Schumer spoke to the media today about the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. He had nothing nice to say about the hard work and dedication of the president and his administration. What he did say was a total lie and he’s being called out for it:

Dr. Fauci addressed this FAKE NEWS in February: “I have never been muzzled, ever … I’m not being muzzled by this administration.”


ABC New’s Kyra Phillips attempted a gotcha moment when President Trump called on her during his press conference about the coronavirus. She started out by pointing out that President Trump has received a lot of criticism about the flow of information related to the coronavirus. “In particular about Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is world-renowned in contagious diseases, and there are reports out there that he was being muzzled,” Phillips said in an accusatory tone. She continued with her unfounded statements, presenting them as facts, “Can you tell us that this widely-respected expert, Dr. Fauci, will have every opportunity to tell us the truth?”

Trump interrupted her and called her out for attempting to make her question seem like she was stating a fact, as he snapped back at her, “Well, that’s a very dishonest question.”

“Why is that a dishonest question? she asked.

Trump repeated, “That’s a very dishonest question because he has had that ability to do whatever he wants to do. ”

Dr. Anthony Fauci stepped up to the microphone to defend himself:


“So, let me clarify it. I have never been muzzled—ever! And I’ve been doing this since the administration of Ronald Reagan.”

He continued with his scolding of the ABC News reporter as he explained, “I’m not being muzzled by this administration. What happened, which was misinterpreted, is that we were set up to go on some shows, and when Vice President took over, I said let’s regroup and figure out how we’re going to be communicating. So, I had to stand down on a couple of shows and resubmit for clearance, and when I resubmitted for clearance, I got cleared. So, I have not been muzzled at all. That was a real misrepresentation of what happened.”

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