Beyonce, Jay Z And Others Refused To Stand During Super Bowl National Anthem Proving What A Disgrace They Are


Well, here we go again with rich a-hole celebrities disrespecting America by not standing for The National Anthem.

This time it’s music superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z who chose to sit during a beautiful performance by Demi Lovato.

“Anti-American spoiled brats Jay-Z and Beyoncé refuse to stand during our National Anthem This is why black America is defecting from the Democrats Ruling class hacks deserve to be exposed RT to show the world their hatred of our country.”

Take a look at these a-holes:

Fox News reports that the pair attended the game with their daughter Blue Ivy, who also stayed in her seat, according to TMZ.

In images obtained by the outlet, the musical family can be seen sitting during the performance while others stood.

Jay-Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation holds a partnership with the NFL, giving him a say in what artists perform at major NFL events — including the Super Bowl.

Damn it- I boycotted the NFL for 2 years- do I have to boycott again?

It really was one hell of a game. Pelosi’s Crap Francisco played good but not good enough.

Well, NASCAR begins soon and I’ll be right there where God, our country, flag, law enforcement and military are respected 100%.


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God Bless.

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