Watch As Susan Rice Says President Trump Is ‘Threatened by’ Obama’s ‘Decency, Family Values’…

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

Watch as former Obama official and pathological liar, Susan Rice claims the President Trump is insecure and threatened by his decency and family values.

LEMON: “Why do you think he likes to make the former president the scapegoat and blame the president — the former president and your administration on — for everything, really? Why is that?”

RICE: “I can only assume and infer that President Trump has some extraordinary insecurity in relation to Barack Obama.

Everything that Obama stood for, decency, family values, unity, a country that stood tall and proud, not by dividing but by uniting, is the antithesis of who Donald Trump is. And he’s clearly threatened by it.

And he clearly likes to use Obama as a foil for all of his failures.

But, you know, there is no covering up from the fact that this administration was not ready, wasn’t ready with the testing, wasn’t ready with the equipment, wasn’t ready with the orders to — to shut down the economy when that was necessary.

And they’re making even bigger mistakes today as they give the governors and localities carte blanche to do whatever they want to do.

Takes no responsibility.

I mean, this is the thing, Don, Donald Trump says I — he takes responsibility — no responsibility at all. For anything.

So you got to therefore blame somebody.

If it’s not Obama, it’s China, the World Health Organization or whomever, but the pattern is the same, it’s never his responsibility, even 3.5 years into his presidency.”

Susan Rice is full of it. If she thinks former President Obama was a uniter she either was not paying attention, or more likely she’s lying.

Obama was the most divisive and racist President in modern history.

This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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