James Woods: “If You Elect Joe Biden, You Are Electing His VP…This Video Makes That As Clear As A Bell”

By 100 Percent FED Up

Joe Biden’s latest campaign push, “SOUL Saturday”, is saturating social media with video clips and photos of (see below)Biden and “working-class Americans.” It’s all staged and phony because the Biden campaign knows they can’t let Joe off his leash to speak off the cuff. A video that was also released (see below) shows Biden getting lost trying to read off of the teleprompter.

As much as Democrats want to just push Biden into office in 2020, Americans are getting the same vibe they got when Hillary ran in 2016. It’s his turn! Just like Hillary, Biden is a puppet of the elitist Democrats, and they are doing everything they can to cover for his obvious cognitive disabilities. That means there may be no DNC convention, no debates with Trump, and voter fraud-filled mail-in voting.

James Woods tweeted out a timely reminder to anyone even remotely considering voting for Biden:

“Vote however you wish, but know that if you elect Joe Biden, you are actually electing his vice-presidential choice.”

“This video makes that as clear as a bell.”

Biden’s “SOUL Saturday” was a celebration of the anniversary of a year of campaigning coupled with a day of appreciation for front-line workers during the coronavirus crisis. The problem is that Biden couldn’t keep up with the teleprompter he was reading from.


Biden’s “SOUL (service, outreach, unity and leadership) Saturday” video is made up of clips of still photos of Biden and others. It’s a snoozer of a political ad.

Biden spews plenty of political rhetoric about the “soul of our nation”: “When I announced my campaign one year ago today, I said we were in a battle for the soul of the nation. One year later, that is as true as it has ever been. I believe we can and we will…”

Just like so many other things Biden says, it’s all meaningless rhetoric written by someone working behind the scenes in his campaign. Remember? He’s a puppet.

Lord help us if he’s elected because America will be back in the hands of radicals like Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Soros, and others who are far left.

This election is more important than any in our history. #WAR

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