Allen West Calls Out Race-Baiting Al Sharpton On Twitter… What Happened Next Is EPIC


Do you remember when Al Sharpton raised hell when The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the Oscar nominations and there were no black nominees? 

He wasn’t a happy camper- to put it mildly.

The notorious race baiting, tax evading moron took to Twitter to cry about RACISM of course.

“All white Oscar nominations are another example of the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Like the Rocky Mts. The higher u climb the whiter.”

— Reverend Al Sharpton


“Hollywood has a fraudulent image of progressive and liberal politics and policies. We must take direct action to correct this. Talk is cheap,” he said.

The reaction he received is extremely entertaining I must say. He got HAMMERED!

The same thing happened a few years ago, earning the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher up you get the whiter it gets. And this year’s Academy Awards will be yet another Rocky Mountain Oscars,” Sharpton said in his statement. “Yet again, deserving black actors and directors were ignored by the Academy — which reinforces the fact that there are few if any blacks with real power in Hollywood.”

“Being left out of awards consideration is about more than just recognition for a job well done; winning an Oscar has long-lasting cultural and economic impacts,” he said.

The great Col. Allen West fired back at Sharpton:

“Sharpton says are too white. Hey @TheRevAl is the NBA too black?”

Good point. The same applies to the NFL.

The National Basketball Association happens to employ a lot of black players not because of racism, but because those men play the game well, V Saxena at Conservative Tribune points out. Likewise, the Oscar nominees are all white because the best performing actors just happened to be white.

Hey- it happens.

Like being picked to play in the NBA, being picked to be an Oscar nominee has nothing to do with diversity and everything to do with talent and performance.

Unfortunately, such truths matter very little to Al Sharpton. Nor does he care that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “recently made a concerted effort to diversify its membership, inviting 322 new members over the summer.”

The bottom line is that the nominees were chosen based on talent and performances. Race has NOTHING to do with it.

We don’t see many WHITES getting a BET award but we don’t complain about racism.

So Al- shut the hell up and pay your fricking taxes already you washed up hack.

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