Chris Cuomo Attacks Trump Spokeswoman, Ends Interview When She Calls Him On Lies

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

CNN host and one of its head anti-President Donald Trump propagandists, Chris Cuomo, has shown his bias again.

He attacked President Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and when she called him on the lies his own network tells he ended the interview.

Cuomo browbeat McEnany in an attempt to get her to admit that President Trump has lied to the American people.

“He doesn’t lie,” McEnany said, not taking the bait of the CNN host in their Wednesday interview. “Guess who lies? The press lies.”

“Time and time again. He’s frustrated with media coverage,” she said about President Trump’s tweet that Fox News is not working for conservatives anymore.

“He’s fighting for the people in his movement. He didn’t say Fox News should work for him,” she said to the host.

Cuomo then put the president’s tweet on the screen and again took his words out of context to suggest he thinks Fox News works for him.

“Here we go again. This is more fake news,” she said as Cuomo interrupted her in an attempt to make her look ridiculous.

“The tweet is right in front of their faces,” he shouted at his guest unprofessionally. “If he didn’t lie, if he didn’t take…”

“He doesn’t lie,” McEnany said, stopping a furious Cuomo in his tracks. “He doesn’t lie. Guess who lies, the press lies.”

“You don’t think the president has lied to the American people? He has never lied to the American people?” the host said.

“No, I don’t think the president has lied,” she said as she again called Cuomo on the numerous lies of the press.

“Wow! That blew me IFB right out of my head,” Cuomo said, afraid to confront the truth of his propaganda machine. “Interview’s over, Kayleigh.”

“You will not have credibility with the audience. You got a long way to go, Kayleigh,” Cuomo said as he continued to attack his guest.

“You may not like what I say, that doesn’t make it a lie. He lies all the time and you know it,” Cuomo insisted.

“I think you should take a look in the mirror, Chris,” McEnany fired back at the blatantly biased host and propagandist.

“I do. And I don’t like these lines,” he quipped and then said. “but I do like that I don’t lie to my audience every damn chance I get.”


This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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