Black Woman Interrupts Trump’s Speech, Crowd EXPLODES When He Does THIS To Her [VIDEO]

OPINION By DINO PORRAZZO at Right Wing Tribune

The leftists and the mainstream media insist that Donald J. Trump is a racist and a sexist but Right Wing Tribune has proven time and time again that their narrative is plainly untrue.

Here’s just another example of how Trump is NOT a racist or a SEXIST.

At a recent press conference a woman in the audience asked Donald Trump a question and his response was epic!

“Donald Trump offers woman a job on the spot during news conf at Trump hotel site in DC. Woman said she was a veteran and a 9/11 survivor.”

First of all the WOMAN is BLACK! So the sexism and racism just got thrown out the door.

Ben Marquis at Conservative Tribune reports that the young woman, who is black, and believed to be a veteran and 9/11 survivor, nervously explained that she was interested and had experience in design and interior decoration, laughingly agreeing that she really liked what Trump had done with his building.

“So here’s what I’m gonna do,” Trump said, pointing to a man off to the side of him on the stage. “There’s the man. Stand right over there.”

Returning his attention to the crowd in front of him, he declared, “If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s gonna probably have a job, OK.”

I love that- “If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s gonna probably have a job.” Priceless. 

Check out the video!

Now, if Trump were really a racist, sexist a hole he would have ignored the woman or had her removed from the press conference, but he didn’t.

He did the opposite and gave her an opportunity to work for him and make a good living.

Could you EVER see Obama doing anything remotely close to that? LMAO man- Obama is a complete scumbag. He’s never ran a business. Well, I suppose dealing drugs is technically a business but come on!

You probably won’t see this clip played on the nightly news though, as it utterly destroys the media’s narrative regarding his alleged attitude towards women and minorities.

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