Former Nevada Attorney General Says Michigan Gov. Whitmer Broke The Law- Here’s What We Know

Michigan Gov. Whitmer cancels contracts with two Democrat firms to track coronavirus after facing criticism; reaction from Adam Laxalt, former Nevada attorney general.


Yesterday we reported that protesters gathered outside the home of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — the same day reports emerged that she plans to extend the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order by two weeks until May 15.

The demonstration, dubbed “Operation Queen’s Castle,” featured an image of Whitmer wearing a crown, FOX 2 of Detroit reported.

“We wanted to send Gretchen Whitmer a message, we didn’t want to surrender our liberties just for a little temporary safety,” Brian Pannebecker, who helped organize the protest, told the station.

Stay-at-home policies have been at the forefront of peoples arguments over freedoms during the Chinese bio virus that has plagued our nation.  It seems to me people are not taking a step back and looking at the whole picture as all of a sudden social media is filled with experts and medical Doctor’s as well as scholars of the Constitution.  Please tell me you picked up the sarcasm.

My point is that people believe what they choose to believe, that does not make them experts nor does it make them right and most importantly, it does not give them the right to force their beliefs on others.  We are not seeing any continuity of government from states and certainly not on the federal level either and reality is that the federal level has left it up to individual states to decide for themselves what is best.

Because of all the propaganda and lies from the mainstream media and the fighting and lies from politicians, the civilians are left to figure out what they should do for themselves during this pandemic. We see both sides of the coin now, with one side wanting safety and taking the Chinese bio weapon serious and the other side has decided its all made up and simply a common flu so they demand to go back to their lives.

That brings us to state governments and with Whitmer taking the stay-at-home orders too far?  Fox News released the following:

Meanwhile, the Michigan Legislature has scheduled a special session for Friday with the goal of creating an oversight committee to review Whitmer’s coronavirus orders and possibly strip her of some of her powers, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Critics have accused Whitmer, a 48-year-old first-term Democratic governor, of overstepping her authority with a series of measures intended to stem the spread of coronavirus in the state. April 9 revisions to her initial stay-at-home order included bans on visiting friends and relatives or traveling to vacation homes, and halts on sales of items such as furniture and gardening supplies.

In a podcast interview, she also said abortions should continue in the state during the virus outbreak because the procedures were part of “life-sustaining” health care for women.

Whitmer came under fire after a no-bid coronavirus-related state contract was awarded to a firm operated by a well-known Democratic consultant who had written that President Trump should “get coronavirus ASAP.” Whitmer’s office later acknowledged that the contract was awarded without adhering to normal protocols.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, explained the point of Friday’s planned session in a Twitter message.

“The House & Senate will convene tomorrow to create a special oversight committee on COVID-19 to examine our government’s response,” he wrote. “Michigan needs to handle this pandemic seriously yet properly. It’s what the people deserve, and we will see that it happens.”

Instead of lashing out at each other over personal choices and beliefs, people need to respect each other and stop the egos and arrogance, but that will never happen.

To be continued.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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