Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Doubles Down, Demonstrators May Force Us to Stay in Lock Down Longer

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

During an interview today with MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhl China’s favorite governor, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, doubled down on her dictatorial and nasty approach to managing the Covid-19 crisis in her state.

It all started when Whitmer issued the strictest stay at home order in the nation, which led to protests.

Via Fox News:

Whitmer announced an expansion of her order, which among other things prohibits residents from visiting family or friends with the exception of providing care, bans public or private gatherings of any size or family ties, and places restrictions on what essential businesses which remain open may sell.

Whitmer – who had to issue clarifications to her orders, most notably when someone tweeted a picture from Walmart saying that children’s car seats were “non-essential” items – has so far remained steady in her resolve that Michigan needs to stick to strict stay-at-home measures in order to tackle the virus.

In a protest dubbed “Operation Gridlock,” hundreds of cars and trucks descended on Michigan’s state capital Wednesday in noisy protest, creating bumper-to-bumper traffic throughout downtown Lansing. Demonstrators blasted their horns, waved Americans flags and hoisted placards deriding Whitmer’s orders and demanding that she reopen the state’s economy.

Since no wanna-be dictator likes to be challenged Whitmer basically called protesters, and seemingly any public challenge to her authority or decisions, traitors to the war on Covid-19.

During a press conference Whitmer said “President Trump called this a war. And it is exactly that. So let’s act like it.”

“In World War II, there weren’t people lining up at the Capitol to protest the fact that they had to drop everything they were doing and build planes or tanks or to ration food,” Whitmer added.

Now she’s going even further, subtly threatening to extend the state’s draconian lock down orders because of the protesters.

MSNBC’s Ruhl asked the vile and despicable Governor “Something that is somewhat unique to your state is the pushback you’re getting from those who don’t want to adhere to the stay-at-home order, who don’t support quarantine. How are you managing that?”

China’s favorite governor responded “Well, the good part of the story that is hard to focus on, but that I always want to point out is that the vast majority of people in Michigan are doing their part. We have seen the stay home order impact the number of cases that we have.”

She then proceeded to double down on her heavy handed approach “We had to take more aggressive steps than other states because even though we’ve got the tenth largest population in this country, we have the third highest death rate. We have a uniquely tough problem and it requires a uniquely tough solution. And that’s what we’ve done.”

“And certainly there are people who are dissenting my orders and dissenting orders in Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, all across the country. That’s okay. I respect people’s ability and right to dissent, but what we need to make sure every one of us does is observe the CDC best practices. So we are not unwittingly spreading Covid-19.”

She then threatened those protesting her decision “The worst irony that could come about from these demonstrations is that they force us to stay in this posture longer than we’re already planning to.”

“It’s the last thing any of us wants. I can tell you with all confidence that every governor in this country is eager to figure out when we can reopen or re-engage our economies. And yet, some of us are going to stay focused on the science so we make sure we do it in the safest manner.”


So basically go along and don’t protest or I might have to extend the lock down because of the protesters.

Governor Whitmer is way over her head, and she’s responding just like any two bit wanna-be dictator might act.

Threatening potential consequences for those who disagree with her decisions.

This perfectly explains why she is a potential favorite to be Joe Biden’s VP candidate choice.

This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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