Sean Hannity Blows The Lid Off Hillary Clinton Collusion Live On National T.V. And It’s Big

BOOM: New evidence proves Hillary, DNC sought to COLLUDE with Ukrainian government during 2016 election

By JonDougherty at The National Sentinel FLASHBACK!

Fox News host Sean Hannity opened his program Thursday night with a bombshell: The Ukrainian government has admitted that the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of Hillary Clinton attempted to reach out and collude with officials during the 2016 election.

“The boomerang of justice is in full motion,” Hannity began, noting that for all the Democrats’ gnashing of teeth and proclamations to the contrary, the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax has been fully exposed and put to bed.

But that leaves a new scandal — a real one — in its place, and it involves POTUS Donald Trump’s rival, not him nor his campaign.

Hannity first cited a New York Times report from Thursday revealing that the FBI under the Obama-Biden administration did, in fact, attempt to insert multiple spies (“informants”) into the Trump’s 2016 campaign.

After noting that the Obama-Biden regime did not scrutinize Hillary Clinton’s campaign in a similar matter — nor inform Team Trump that Russia might have been attempting to infiltrate — Hannity said that her people, along with the DNC she ran during the time, “were the ones trying to collude with a foreign government.”

He cited a report from The Hill‘s John Solomon, published late Thursday:

In its most detailed account yet, Ukraine’s embassy in Washington says a Democratic National Committee insider during the 2016 election solicited dirt on Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and even tried to enlist the country’s president to help.

In written answers to questions, Ambassador Valeriy Chaly’s office says DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa sought information from the Ukrainian government on Paul Manafort’s dealings inside the country, in hopes of forcing the issue before Congress.

Chalupa later tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment on Manafort’s Russian ties on a U.S. visit during the 2016 campaign, the ambassador said.

Chaly says that, at the time of the contacts in 2016, the embassy knew Chalupa primarily as a Ukrainian-American activist, and learned only later of her ties to the DNC. He says the embassy considered her requests an inappropriate solicitation of interference in the U.S. election.

“The Embassy got to know Ms. Chalupa because of her engagement with Ukrainian and other diasporas in Washington D.C., and not in her DNC capacity. We’ve learned about her DNC involvement later,” Chaly said in a statement issued by the embassy.

“We were surprised to see Alexandra’s interest in Mr. Paul Manafort’s case. It was her own cause. The Embassy representatives unambiguously refused to get involved in any way, as we were convinced that this is a strictly U.S. domestic matter.

“All ideas floated by Alexandra were related to approaching a Member of Congress with a purpose to initiate hearings on Paul Manafort or letting an investigative journalist ask President Poroshenko a question about Mr. Manafort during his public talk in Washington, D.C.,” the ambassador further explained, Solomon noted.

Chaly’s responses are the most direct confirmation to date by the Ukrainian government that an American citizen with ties to the Democratic Party attempted to solicit help during the 2016 election. The answers also confirm the primary claims made in a January 2017 story by Politico on Chalupa’s efforts.


In that story, the embassy was broadly quoted as denying interference in the election and suggested Chalupa’s main reason for contacting the ambassador’s office was to organize an event celebrating women leaders.

The fresh statement comes several months after a Ukrainian court ruled that the country’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), closely aligned with the U.S. embassy in Kiev, and a parliamentarian named Serhiy Leshchenko wrongly interfered in the 2016 American election by releasing documents related to Manafort.

The Ukrainian ambassador’s statements come on the heels of newly released testimony and emails from Nellie Ohr, wife of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS crafting the Russia/Trump dossier in conjunction with former British spy Christopher Steele.

We reported Thursday:

Fed up with Democrats over their efforts to protect the Obama-aligned deep state’s coup plot to oust POTUS Donald Trump, a group of House Republicans filed a criminal referral against Nellie Ohr on Wednesday with the Justice Department.

The referral comes after the release of some 339 pages of Ohr’s private emails, which were obtained by government and legal watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Ohr was hired as a contractor in the spring of 2016 by Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson to lead opposition research efforts for the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Solomon and Hannity also noted that Bruce Ohr admitted that a Ukrainian lawmaker was also feeding phony “anti-Trump dirt to Fusion GPS.”

Solomon reported last month “that the Obama White House invited Ukrainian law enforcement officials to a meeting in January 2016 as Trump rose in the polls on his improbable path to the presidency. The meeting led to U.S. requests to the Ukrainians to help investigate Manafort, setting in motion a series of events that led to the Ukrainians leaking the documents about Manafort in May 2016.”

As for Chalupa, her firm, Chalupa & Associates, was paid $71,918 by the DNC during the 2016 election cycle, Solomon reported, citing Federal Election Commission records.

Andrii Telizhenko, a former political officer who worked under Chaly from December 2015 through June 2016, told Solomon that Chalupa met with him and was specifically looking for dirt on the Trump campaign and Manafort — on behalf of the DNC.

“She said the DNC wanted to collect evidence that Trump, his organization and Manafort were Russian assets, working to hurt the U.S. and working with Putin against the U.S. interests. She indicated if we could find the evidence they would introduce it in Congress in September and try to build a case that Trump should be removed from the ballot, from the election,” Telizhenko recounted.

He added that, following the meeting with Chalupa, he became concerned about the legality of a foreign government assisting a U.S. campaign, but he said he continued with his assignment; he was tasked by the Ukrainian “ambassador and his top deputy to meet with Chalupa in March 2016,” Solomon wrote.

And, of course, the Clinton campaign and the DNC helped finance the bogus Fusion GPS Russia dossier.

“These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” a congressional source familiar with the dossier probe said in June 2017. “These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.”

“If anyone colluded with the Russians, it was the Democrats,” a former Trump campaign adviser who asked not to be identified because of the pending investigations told the Washington Times in October 2017. “After all, they’ve routinely shopped around false claims from the debunked Steele dossier, which listed sources including senior Kremlin officials.

“If anyone should be investigated in Washington, it ought to be Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Mark Warner and their staffers,” the source said, referencing the House Intelligence Committee’s ranking member, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.; Sen. Mark R. Warner, Virginia Democrat and vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; and Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California, Democrat on the House intelligence panel.

Swalwell, who is running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, has become the ultimate “Russia collusion truther,” and continues to push the lie despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘official’ finding that there was none between Team Trump and… any foreign government.

This article was written by JonDougherty at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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