Gingrich: Dem Governors Want To Be “Little Petty Gods Who Get To Decide Life And Death For All The Rest Of Us.”

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

During an interview on ‘Fox and Friends’ former Speaker of the House Newt Girich slams Democrat governors who want to be “little petty Gods who get to decide life and death.”

Newt was discussing what needs to happen in regards to re-opening the country when he made his main point that a big part of re-opening “is going to be to take power back from the politicians because you cannot allow them to decide they’re little petty gods who get to decide life and death for all the rest of us.”

Via Fox News:

EARHARDT: “I know you addressed many of these issues in your op-ed on

The headline is ‘Coronavirus crisis makes some leaders believe that they have God-like decision making capacity.’

Would you explain that? Which leaders are you talking about?”

GINGRICH: “Well, one is the governor of Michigan who issued this truly absurd executive order suggesting, for example, that you couldn’t buy a child seat you couldn’t buy seeds.

If you went to Walmart or you want to Home Depot the area that sold seeds to plant in your backyard had a sign up that said it’s illegal to buy these right now.

Normal people — what is that all about?

If you look at the list you sort of get some intern must have written it up because it makes so little sense. That’s an example.

You had a mayor in Illinois who declared that she had the right to decide who could get food and who couldn’t get food.

You know, the kind of things — you know, Lord Acton warned us power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You look around the country, one of the major responsibilities right after defeating the virus and restarting the economy.

The third big effort is going to be to take power back from the politicians because you cannot allow them to decide they’re little petty gods who get to decide life and death for all the rest of us.”

KILMEADE: “The Democratic governor her work might be doing her best to get Donald Trump win Michigan again.

We will have to see.

The ‘New York Times’ did a story on her, didn’t even bring up the 52 executive orders like don’t buy paint. You can’t use a motor boat but you can use a kayak.

They didn’t put that in the story or that four sheriffs said we are not going to enforce this.”

Newt Gingrich is one hundred percent accurate on this point.

Democrat Governors seem to be enjoying using their emergency powers, the real trick will be getting them to give up those additional powers once the crisis ends.

In addition, many Democrat governors, like Michigan’s leader, have gone way too far, exposing the truth about who and what they really stand for.

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the fact that there are many wanna-be tyrants in this country which includes primarily Democrat party affiliated political leaders and sadly many in law enforcement.

Sad, disgraceful but entirely predictable.

This article originally appeared at The Federalist Papers and was republished with permission.

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