After Massive Protests, Michigan Governor Threatens To Double Down On Lock Down/Stay At Home Orders


Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) said the Michigan protesters at the state capitol in Lansing, MI on Wednesday who opposed the stay-at-home order she issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic are being irresponsible by likely “spreading COVID-19,” Breitbart reports.

Whitmer said, “So we have taken an aggressive stay-at-home order stance similar to a lot of other states, Republican-led and Democratic-led. It is not a partisan issue. COVID does not respect party lines or state lines, and that’s why we have to be in it together. And the curve looks like it is flattening. We’re pushing the curve down. That means we’re saving lives. That means we’ve saved our health care system from being completely overrun and inundated. That means fewer people are getting sick. It comes with a sacrifice. There is no question. All people are making a sacrifice right now.”

More controversy rolls in from the protests that are going on across our nation because people are impatient and ignoring facts all out of a few who do not believe the virus is dangerous and they demand to go back to work.  Now before you lose your mind and start sending me ridiculous messages, hear me out and then decide how you would like to respond to what I am saying.

When the pandemic broke out across our nation we were told the virus was from people eating infected bats in China and Americans swallowed the kool-aid and states started sending out stay-at-home orders.  We were told it was not airborne and could only live up to 72 hours on surfaces and that wearing masks and gloves and staying at home would “lower the curve” for what they called acceptable numbers.

Now we got another portion of the truth, it is man made and came out of a lab from Wuhan, China and masks and gloves do little to protect against it and somewhat help prevent spreading it.  As well as now it is airborne and can live up to 13-15 days on surfaces.

There is increasing confidence that COVID-19 likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon, but as part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China’s government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News.

Folks this is a bio-weapon and one that the American people are not being told the truth about, which makes ignoring safety and jumping off the cliff to get back to normality, simply a foolish and selfish decision.  I get it, our freedoms and our lives are impacted on a insane level and our rights are being trampled by the left and the right and we need to fight for our freedoms and our rights.

If people want to protest and stand then it needs to be well organized, intelligent decisions on safety with PPE gear and peacefully done with a clear and precise message.  The blunt truth is that what went down in lansing was not organized and very few wore any type of protection and it is simply out of ignorance and lies from the government. How are people supposed to make educated decisions on safety when they refuse to tell the people the truth?  I believe people would take this far more serious and wear the PPE if we were told the truth, which they are slowly releasing in bits and peaces.

Breitbart continued their article with Whitmer:

“People can converge together in Lansing, and then they went back out to their homes across the state of Michigan. You know, the odds are very high that that’s, they’re spreading COVID-19 along with it. And so it’s that kind of irresponsible action that puts us in this situation where we might have to actually think about extending stay-at-home orders, which is supposedly what they were protesting.”

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!  In the military we are trained not to react out of emotion and to use critical thinking and to carry out the battle plan while not giving into the fear and the bodies response to flee.  It is not that we are not afraid, it is that we overcome fears and harness it and control it to be able to keep our heads so we can not only stay in the fight but accomplish our objectives effectively.

The bottom line is if people choose to ignore safety and act out of selfishness and foolishness then consequences and accountability will follow.  Protest smart and safe, always error on the side of caution and be informed so that you can use critical thinking and situational awareness.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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