Edward Snowden Releases Dire Warning- Says Virus Will Destroy Freedoms According To FOX News Report


Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency, has warned that governments may use the coronavirus to curtail freedoms, Fox News reports.

In an interview with Vice last Thursday, Snowden said world leaders who claim new emergency authority will hold onto that power well after the pandemic ends.

He talked about emergency powers born out of a crisis, while referencing mass surveillance and certain measures implemented out of 9/11 — including the Patriot Act.

We are seeing individual states create their emergency orders/executive orders to handle the covid-19 virus.  We are also now seeing people losing their collective minds and others who are done being stuck in their homes, as more protests start.

Fox went on to show that Snowden stated the following:

“As authoritarianism spreads, as emergency laws proliferate, as we sacrifice our rights, we also sacrifice our capability to arrest the slide into a less liberal and less free world,” he told Vice.

“Do you truly believe that when the first wave, this second wave, the 16th wave of the coronavirus is a long-forgotten memory, that these capabilities will not be kept? That these datasets will not be kept?  And every academic, every researcher who’s looked at this knew this was coming. And in fact, even intelligence agencies, I can tell you firsthand, because I used to read the reports and had been planning for pandemics.”

He added that he doesn’t believe numbers coming out of China — where infected cases have leveled off in recent weeks are correct.

“I don’t think we can [trust those numbers]. Particularly, we see the Chinese government recently working to expel Western journalists at precisely this moment where we need credible independent warnings in this region,” he told Vice.

The information that Snowden has leaked in the past has been valid and on point and what he saying now not only makes logical sense, it is fact.  The only thing I would like to add to get people to start thinking is that, if this “flu virus” is not acting like a “flu virus” then it must be something else, you decide.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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