Trump Slams ‘Partisan’ Probes As Nancy Pelosi Announces Coronavirus Investigation Committee: ‘Here We Go Again’

Trump rightfully calls out Pelosi’s ‘coronavirus committee’ as a massively politicized waste of time during an emergency

We don’t call Democrats the Garbage Party for nothing…

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) By now, any reasonable person has concluded that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not simply the wrong leader at the wrong time, she’s oblivious to the concerns of most Americans during what has become the preeminent national emergency of our era.

After dismissing her chamber for nearly two weeks as coronavirus spread around the country, as cities and states were begging for relief, and as millions of Americans were in the process of losing their jobs thanks to government-mandated business closures, this week Pelosi topped off that outrage with another: The formation of a coronavirus ‘committee’ to oversee the relief effort.

“It would have subpoena power that’s for sure. It’s no use having a committee unless you have subpoena power,” Pelosi said “And we would hope that there would be cooperation because this is not a kind of an investigation of the administration it’s about the whole result.”

“Where there’s money, there’s also frequently mischief,” Pelosi said while announcing the creation of the committee.

But that’s not really what it is. Rather, it’s another Democrat-led absurdity designed to perpetuate the assault against and undermining of President Donald Trump and his administration.

And they’re doing it during a national emergency. What unmitigated gall.

Thankfully, the president is using his massively large bully pulpit to call Pelosi out and emphasize, again, why this destructive, America-hating party cannot remain in charge of the House come November.

“Conducting these partisan investigations in the middle of a pandemic is a really big waste of vital resources, time, attention,” Trump told reporters during the daily coronavirus task force news conference from the White House.

“We want to fight for American lives, not waste time and build up my poll numbers because that’s all they’re doing because everyone knows it’s ridiculous. So we want to focus on the people of this country, even the people of the world.”

The president also said the committee, which will have the power to subpoena witnesses, is completely inappropriate because “this is not a time for politics, endless partisan investigations.”

“Here we go again … You see what happens, it’s witch hunt after witch hunt, after witch hunt. And in the end the people doing the witch hunt have been losing and they’ve been losing by a lot,” Trump said. “It’s not any time for witch hunts.”

The president urged his opponents to focus on the coronavirus pandemic because “it’s time to get this enemy defeated.”

Of course, the multimillionaire Pelosi and most of her similarly well-off Democratic colleagues are completely tone-deaf to the president’s plea for political civility but also to the increasing amount of suffering millions of Americans are experiencing.

Most of them don’t give a damn about Pelosi’s ‘committee.’ And many will see it as a direct effort to undermine relief efforts aimed at helping Americans at a time when they really need it.

Nancy Pelosi is a lousy human being and she is the leader of a garbage party.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.



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