Lindsey Graham Rips Democrats Over Relief Bill, ‘Never Been More Disgusted,’ ‘Shame on You’

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham just tore the Democrats to pieces over their attempt to hijack the coranavirus relief bill.

During a speech on the Senate floor he ripped into them “You see this is an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do otherwise. Republicans see this is an opportunity to do things that have to be done now to save lives.”

“I have never been more disgusted since Kavanaugh,” Graham added. “You tried to destroy a good man’s life just to keep the seat open.”

“And close friends of mine in the House have publicly said this is an opportunity to reshape the country and our image.”

Graham then got to the point “It’s not going to happen. We wouldn’t let you destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life to keep the seat open, and we’re not going to let you turn the country upside down to shape it in your image.”

“We will work with you in a very generous fashion to help people who’ve lost their jobs, help doctors and nurses who’ve run out of supplies.”

“Shame on you. Shame on you for coming in at eleventh hour, taking good faith negotiations and throwing them in an ideological ditch,” Graham added, the remark mostly directed at Pelosi and Schumer.

Graham then directed an appeal to the American people “because what they’re wanting to do should make you mad as hell. If you’ve got a family member who are suffering, do you really think now is the time to impose same-day voting?”

Don’t know about you but I am mad as hell about what the bottom dwelling scum sucking Democrats are trying to do here.

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