Triggered Speaker Pelosi Announces Investigation Into AG Barr

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OPINION| Lawrence David| Just minutes ago, a stammering Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Marxist-CA) concluded her weekly press conference.

Pelosi made one thing very clear… well as clear as she was able to make anything: Expect U.S. Attorney General William Barr to be investigated by the House Judiciary Committee.

Speaker Pelosi has had her panties in a knot since four federal prosecutors threw a hissy fit and walked off the job following the attorney general’s decision to reduce the sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone.

Comparative Sentences for lying:

Roger Stone: 97-108 months (9 years)

Hillary Clinton: Democratic presidential nomination

Greg Craig, Obama WH lawyer: Case dismissed

James Wolfe, the Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director who leaked the top secret information to a reporter – and then lied multiple times to federal investigators: 60 days,

For democrats, the leniency list goes on, and on, and on. Then, there’s the sentences violent criminals are given:

Average rapist: 4 years

Average armed robber: 3 years

Average for violent assault: 1.5 years

We all know how virtuous these Department of Justice attorneys are following their now totally patriotic attempt to frame Donald Trump.

Try not to cringe as this woman proves she should be organizing the social calendar at a rest home and not the agenda of the U.S. House of Representatives: (forward to 7:46)

“AG Barr has deeply damaged the rule of law by withdrawing the DOJ’s sentencing recommendation.”

The level of desperation on the part of Pelosi and her Marxist/Democrat cohorts is palpable. That, or she’s a strategic moron.

First, Pelosi ordered her party to go after Trump on an innocuous phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy which resulted in the destruction of the Dems’ leading presidential candidate.

In the process, Pelosi called attention to Crowdstrike… a name Democrats would prefer never be heard of again:


Now, the struggling Speaker, has targeted AG Barr in another act of unexplainable stupidity. Roger Stone has contended from the beginning that Wikileaks’ source for the hacked DNC emails was party insider Seth Rich.

In June 2017 we wrote:

The fact that [FBI Director] Comey accepted Crowdstrike’s report and didn’t demand that the F.B.I. conduct its own examination is astounding. Since when does the F.B.I. outsource investigations into intrusions that threaten our national security?


This marked the second time that Comey allowed the surrogates of a target of an F.B.I. criminal investigation to determine what evidence his agents would get to see.

The first was when he inexplicably gave immunity to every Clinton confidant questioned during the course of her email investigation and even allowed them to destroy their communication devices and all of the evidence that they might’ve contained. If there were no incriminating evidence why would those devices have been destroyed?

Almost three years later everything we’ve come to learn, including widespread abuse of the FISA process in an attempt to destroy the people’s president, has only made the intelligence community look worse.

Either Pelosi’s cognitive capacities are severely diminished or President Trump has her so unscrewed that he’s owning her. Barr will appear before the House Judiciary Committee to skewer Democrats on March 31st. That should be must watch TV.

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