Barack Obama Launches Attack On Trump Push Change To Voting System That Would End Election Integrity Once And For All

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Opinion| I think we have all been waiting for this moment for some time now, taking bets on just how long it would take for Democrats to use the pandemic in order to fundamentally change the voting system in the United States of America.

Yesterday, the New York Times, the mouth piece of the left, defender of Democrats’ schemes far and wide, ran a story entitled “Does Vote-by-Mail Favor Democrats? No. It’s a False Argument by Trump.’

It’s ok guys, we can ll relax now, it’s just a false scam by Trump, the NYT says so, case closed, lets just go home.

It should come as no surprise that former President Barack used the Coronavirus panic as an opportunity to push for a ‘vote-by-mail’ system in November.

“Let’s not use the tragedy of a pandemic to compromise our democracy. Check the facts of vote by mail,” Obama said in a tweet linking to a New York Times article titled, “Does Vote-by-Mail Favor Democrats? No. It’s a False Argument by Trump”

The Gateway Pundit explained:

‘House Democrats have been pushing for vote-by-mail and scheming to legalize ballot harvesting after watching conservative districts in Orange County flip from red to blue in the 2018 midterm election.

The Democrats are using the Coronavirus as a vehicle to push for a nationwide vote-by-mail in an effort to steal the 2020 election.

On Tuesday Nancy Pelosi said on CNN that she was going to push for federally forced vote-by-mail in the 2020 election in the next round of Coronavirus aid.

The election is seven months away.

The Democrats’ plan for federally forced nationwide vote by mail, advocated for by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, where states would send a ballot to every registered voter, including inactive voters, creates a massive opportunity for voter fraud, the RNC said earlier this week.’

The man who has done more to protect our judicial system than any singe judge know, Tom Fitton, of Judicial, warned America about the Dems’ ‘vote-by-mail scheme.

TOM FITTON: FRAUD: Left’s “vote by mail” abuse would blow up clean elections in November. The Pelosi/Clinton scheme would result in sending ballots to zombie voters, the end of voter id, and wide scale voter intimidation.

If we let the Dems get away with ‘vote by mail’ we will officially live in a banana republic once and for all. It’s terrifying to think how close we are to losing this republic once and for all. All because of a virus with a 97-99% survival rate.

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